Friday, May 11, 2012

Reports Indicate Barack Obama Promoting Gay Marriage Has Alienated Christian Voters In The 2012 Presidential Election

President Obama stated his children spurred and encouraged his decision to come out in support of gay marriage         

U.S. President Barack Obama controversially came out in support of gay marriage this week, which offended many Christian and Muslim voters, who deem it against their religions. As a Christian I can understand where they are coming from on this issue. While I do not seek to harm gays or anyone else, one cannot ask others to go against their religion in support of an alternative lifestyle. 

Reverend Franklin Graham, the son of legendary preacher, Billy Graham, has branded President Obama's statements, "Shaking his fist at God." This week, Billy Graham also lent his support to the defense of marriage in North Carolina, due to attempts at bringing gay marriage to the state he resides. 

First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama, who is headed for defeat in the upcoming election

The rival Republican party in America has shunned the issue in favor of the repairing the economy. Other heads of state, such as Julia Gillard of Australia and the palace in the Philippines, also disagree with Obama's stance on the issue.  

President Obama's actions this week have many online stating, he is a Christian only in name, while others still believe he is a Muslim, the religion he ascribed to for most of his life, after spending many years in Kenya and Malaysia. The president like anyone else is entitled to his opinion, but he must realize not everyone feels the same and the votes will reflect that come November. Hollywood donating millions to his campaign this week to sway his statements, cannot buy the vote of the populace in America, most of which is Christian. In short, he has handed the election to Mitt Romney.