Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Madonna Still Being Labeled A Bad Mother Over Troublesome Teen Daughter With Cigarette Smoking Habit And Shaved Head

Madonna and her daughter, who has been behaving terribly, just like her mother

As mentioned on the site previously, crazy Kabbalah pop star Madonna, was widely slammed online, over allowing her 14-year-old daughter to smoke cigarettes. The kleptomaniac singer sent the paparazzi to snap pics of her daughter, in a bid to capture publicity and sales from a younger audience, who do not know who Madonna is, but it failed.

Madonna's daughter smoking at school. The paparazzi usually do not follow her to school, but her mom sent them to, for a controversial photo-op of the underage teen smoking, like Whitney Houston's daughter, to generate publicity for her album and tour that have since flopped

Subsequent pics revealed Madonna's daughter smoking a cigarette at school, while dressed like a street walker, with a partially shaved head. Not the picture or end result of good parenting, leading to the singer being bashed all over the internet, in ongoing criticism, regarding her depraved lifestyle and bad examples. 

  Madonna's daughter has not been raised right

Madonna, 54, seems more preoccupied with her twenty-something boyfriend, who she pays to date her, than her children. She insists on being a cougar, but what is she going to do when one of her young boyfriends, who is on the payroll, pays more attention to her daughter, who is closer to their age, than her (as seen in photos of them). 

Madonna's boyfriend is so bored with her he is yawning, while she is being clingy. A Daily Mail reader summed up the spectacle, "These pictures make me feel physically sick. There is no way that he can genuinely fancy this pensioner. She is a cradle-snatching mess who is wearing ripped trousers and even worse shoes. She looks like a bag lady. She should be ashamed of her behaviour and as for him, he should have more self-respect. This is just plain wrong" - Nina, Wales, 26/5/2012 06:55

According to reports, when Madonna was 15-years-old, she was already engaged in bad behavior, such as adultery with a 40-year-old man and also took illegal drugs. Will the apple fall far from the tree regarding her daughter, when the fruit is already showing signs of being rotten.