Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The FBI Is Unlawfully Operating In Foreign Countries Without The Consent Of Host Governments

FBI Director, Robert S. Mueller

The FBI is no stranger to trouble in America, as they have been exposed and excoriated in the U.S. Congress and by watchdog groups and websites, such as the Judiciary Report, for illegally spying on Americans in numerous ways that violate the Constitution of the United States. 

The FBI has also been unlawfully operating in foreign nations in Europe, Mexico, South America and the Caribbean, without the consent of the host governments. They have engaged illegal wiretaps, GPS tracking, computer hacking, phone hacking, website hacking and surveillance, via shadowing foreign citizens in their own nations. This criminal misconduct far exceeds in every fashion, their congressional mandate. 

They are sending FBI agents into said foreign nations as tourists, to easily clear customs, with the intent of having them spy on select local citizens of the aforementioned nations and regions. This is unquestionably illegal and is worthy of censure.