Friday, May 25, 2012

Facebook Fallout Continues As More Information Is Made Public On Disastrous IPO Filled With Insider Trading

Hype Over Substance

Barack Obama (center) and Mark Zuckerberg (right)

Facebook stock is being publicly referred to as a rip-off, after a catastrophic IPO on Friday, May 18, 2012. The stock has had a tumultuous week since its debut, continuing on a downward decline. It was hyped to be the biggest and best IPO ever to hit America.

It was done in order to sucker investors out of their money, but the bubble burst immediately, leaving many feeling duped. Some people borrowed money they didn't have to buy the stock, while others risked much of what they had and are now facing serious financial problems for having done so.

Zuckerberg cashed out of Facebook immediately, while investors got burned. He made a fortune in doing so and saved a lot of money in the process as well. This should serve as a red flag to investors. What kind of terrible message is that for Zuckerberg to send to the domestic and global public, regarding the head of the company quickly dumping the stock, indicating he doesn't even believe in his corporation.

Some portray Zuckerberg as a genius and thrifty figure, but he is neither. He is a thief that stole Facebook from the Winklevoss twins and Eduardo Saverin and has been living a lavish lifestyle in a massive mansion off the criminal proceeds of his illegal conduct.

He has escalated the theft to a whole new level, by stealing from the public in overvaluing Facebook for its Wall Street IPO, then immediately dumping the stock when the truth became apparent, making a financial windfall in doing so. This constitutes several felonies.

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook's IPO is damaging the U.S. economy, with lawsuits flying, people demanding full refunds and many questioning the integrity of the stock market. After Madoff, Stanford, Enron and Worldcom, to name a few, the public is weary of being fleeced and misled by the financial sector. The SEC is doing a poor job of regulating the industry.

Once again, President Obama and the FBI find themselves in controversy, having legitimized Zuckerberg in the public's eyes, via the former inviting him to the White House for a full press dinner and separately, invasive FBI Director, Robert S. Mueller, tracking Zuckerberg down to kiss his backside at a function, in seeking to use Facebook to illegally spy on Americans, as is his way.

Once again, the Obama Administration is championing criminals to the public's detriment, while trying to destroy honest businesspeople that don't bow down and worship him, but publicly speak out, realizing he is taking the nation down the wrong path.

As stated on the site previously, the Judiciary Report is on the side of truth, as difficult and as odd as it may seem sometimes, due to the deeds of others. The Judiciary Report does not like breaking negative, incendiary or weird stories, but when the conduct of certain individuals or companies is of that nature, it becomes a matter of public interest the world needs to know about.

You cannot say the site did not warn you of questionable conduct on the part of public figures and executives at Facebook (and other companies such as News Corp as well). The Judiciary Report and its sister site, the Celluloid Film Review, warned for well over a year that Facebook is operating on fraud. The Facebook site may be fun for the public to visit, but for world governments and financial investors, the sites warned there are serious problems behind the company. Now you see some of it for yourself (there's worse to come).