Saturday, May 12, 2012

Does Rebekah Brooks Have A Crush On Prime Minister David Cameron


Rebekah Brooks (right) and husband Charlie Brooks (left)

During the Leveson hearing yesterday into phone hacking at companies such as News International/News Corp, a corporate den of corruption headed up by, Rupert Murdoch, his former top executive, who he is just waiting to rehire, Rebekah Brooks, positivity gushed and glowed when speaking about British Prime Minister, David Cameron.

David Cameron 

I think Rebekah has a crush on Cameron. Her countenance changed when speaking about him. Her eyes lit up and a girlish smile came across her stone cold face. In light of the fact many British celebrities consider her a coldblooded meanie that terrorized them day after day, seeing her melt like that when speaking about Cameron, gave away the fact that she has a thing for him. Trust me, I have caused many men to get that same look on their face when they talk about me, so I know (LOL).

David Cameron and wife Samantha Cameron

As previously stated, all that pretty curly red hair Brooks has, would be quite popular in prison. It also has another use. If she gets too flirty with the Prime Minister, Mrs. Cameron can grab her by the hair during a fight, while espousing the dangers of chatting up her husband. Over to you Brooksy.