Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chris Brown Has A Habit Of Trolling The Streets In His Car For Women To Have Sex With

Will He Have An Eddie Murphy Moment Doing So One Day (LOL)

Chris Brown chatting up a daisy duke shorts wearing woman on the street

Chris Brown is always trolling for women in his vehicles. That's when he is not snatching phones from women on the street, while in one of his vehicles. The R&B singer and convicted woman beater is always on the prowl looking for women, which is dangerous, as one can catch a serious STD in doing so.

Eddie Murphy

Years ago, comedic actor Eddie Murphy got himself into a real pickle in the same manner that was not funny (well, it was funny to television personalities who made jokes about it). Murphy was driving down a Los Angeles street known for prostitution and gave what he thought was a woman a ride. Turns out it was a transvestite. Police moved in on them and it created a huge scandal.