Monday, April 30, 2012

The FBI Exhibiting A Pattern Of Running Black People And Other Minorities Out Of America

The FBI Engaging In Terrible Human Rights Abuses And Crimes Against Minorities

Muslim-American citizen, Yonas Fikre (center) sits with his U.S. lawyer Thomas Nelson, as he seeks asylum in Sweden after being severely beaten and tortured by the FBI for not becoming an informant/snitch 

 Last week, on April 25. 2012, the Judiciary Report published the article Report: The FBI Has Been Beating, Torturing And Threatening To Kill American Citizens If They Will Not Become Snitches (Informants). It had to do with the FBI harassing, beating and threatening the lives of naturalized American citizens into doing their bidding as informants and snitches.

Muslim-American citizen, Yonas Fikre, who moved to Portland, Oregon in America at a young age, was featured in the article. He has now left America, like many others, seeking refuge elsewhere, after unprovoked FBI abuse, harassment and death threats.

Fikre is one of many people of color being harassed and terrorized by the racist FBI with the goal of pushing them out of America, after having lived in the nation since childhood. I know that has been my experience (as they engaged in criminal misconduct and cover-ups on behalf of thieving, lazy, lawbreaking high profile criminals engaging in grand theft larceny, human rights abuses and corruption). 

What's amazing is the aloof, out of touch FBI thinks this is a good look in the nation and the world, when people are appalled and repulsed by what they have done. The FBI's conduct in support of racism is nothing short of barbaric and a domestic and global embarrassment to them. I hope you're proud of yourselves, because I know many Americans and people in the international community who aren't proud of what you've done, labeling it disgraceful. 

For decades, the racist FBI has exhibited a severe hatred towards minorities and immigrants, especially black people. The agency is routinely sued by black FBI agents and other minorities, for terrible acts of racism, discrimination and harassment (FBI Sued By Former Agent For Racism) and The FBI And Racism). 

There are former FBI agents and historians, who have publicly stated, the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover, ordered the assassination of civil rights hero, Martin Luther King Jr., for daring to preach black and whites are equal. The FBI has not changed since those times. 

The agency still has COINTELPRO campaigns running against innocent, outspoken people. They publicly claimed the corrupt, murderous COINTELPRO was abolished, but it wasn't. They just gave it a new name and hide documents in the secret file room, to thwart FOIA requests (Freedom of Information Act) in another exclusive the Judiciary Report broke first.

Sadly, the FBI has made America a very unsafe place for blacks and minorities on the whole. There is a deep seated hatred at the agency for minorities and many legal cases reveal this undeniable fact. Let's face it, the FBI hates black people. Always has. Always will.

Though the agency claims it has changed, I can testify firsthand it has not. It is same the hateful, malicious, lawbreaking agency it always was, but worse, with current FBI Director, Robert S. Mueller at the helm for the past decade. He is actually more evil and vile than J. Edgar Hoover, as the world will soon find out. He is a deeply perverted, greedy man, spying on people anyway he can, who have committed no crime.

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

He is a maniac Bush appointed to the detriment of America. This man actually ordered the wiretapping of over 27,000,000 calls in America and ran up such a bill in doing so, AT&T cut him off. He is insane to think there are that many criminals in America. But he likes the power and wants to know everyone's business.

What's almost as bad is Congress knows the horrible crimes the agency is committing in America and the world, but looks the other way to it. The American people deserve more than to be represented by such a heinous, corrupt law enforcement agency, headed up by an old pervert that likes spying on people in their homes.