Friday, June 4, 2010

Obama Is Believing His Own Hype

U.S. President Barack Obama (right)

With the revelation U.S. President Barack Obama has been using emissaries to offer candidates job positions in his administration, as incentive not to run against his fellow Democrats in elections, in conduct considered completely illegal, one has to wonder what has happened to this man, who promised to run the nation with the virtues of honesty, fairness and truth. Has he become so desperate to win and have his way that he is resorting to such unsavory tactics.

On the international front, things don't look much better. Obama said he entered politics to be a force for good and already in the space of one month, he has just about toppled the ruling Japanese and Jamaican governments, instigating trouble for each nation's respective leader, creating more ill-will for the U.S. government in the world.

Japan's Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama

In the case of Japan, because of the corner the White House backed their leader into, demanding he defy the will of his people, a nation of over 120,000,000 people, who do not want a U.S. military base in their nation, Yukio Hatoyama has lost his job as head of state, having to resign as prime minister, due to national backlash.

Japan is a friend to America, but at the same time, their citizens have concerns about their own national security. A country must put its own national security first. That's the standing rule in every country of the world.

Jamaica's Prime Minister Bruce Golding

Regarding Jamaica, the White House backed the Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, into a terrible corner, demanding the extradition of a dangerous criminal, Christopher Michael Coke ("Dudus") using "illegal wiretaps" that were heavily disputed.

This site warned months in advance that people could die because of how the Obama administration has been going about the extradition, but his cocky, smug, incompetent Attorney General, Eric Holder, persisted in pressing on along the same troublesome path.

As a result, 73 people died, among the dead are civilians, soldiers and police officers. The Jamaican Prime Minister almost lost his job last week as well, as the chaos from Holder's poorly handled extradition demand, nearly destabilized the government. However, the Prime Minister survived a vote of no confidence.

I only have one question for you, Obama, what's happened to you? What happened to the lofty ideals you swept to victory on. Was it just a show or is this what so-called power has done to you. If you keep this up, at the rate you are going, mark my words, the international community is going to stop returning your calls.

You've got too many dishonest people in your cabinet and they are leading you astray. People in America are publicly talking about criminal charges and impeachment over the Sestak and Romanoff job incidents.

You cannot manipulate the will of the people in elections and hope things will turn out okay, because it will not. Let the races be fair and honest and without interference. You cannot be this desperate to win, as you will be no different from Bush, who stole an election. Is that how you want to go down in world history - as a cheat and a liar.

You need to focus on the U.S. economy, as correcting problems that have occurred in said area, will fix by default, a number of other problems plaguing America.