Friday, June 4, 2010

Michael Bay Believes Megan Fox Is His Creation

Megan Fox and Michael Bay

"Transformers" director, Michael Bay, operated under the notion that actress, Megan Fox, who he has feelings for, is his creation, as he discovered her at age fifteen, then made her a star at age 21.

Megan Fox and boyfriend Brian Austin Green rubbing their relationship in Michael Bay's face this week

However, she has been ungrateful and abusive towards him and pushed him too far, resulting in her being fired from the franchise. Fox has been very depressed, as "Transformers" was her career.

Fox in disbelief after being fired from Transformers

Bay made Fox rich and famous and oversaw her rise to global stardom that saw her named the most beautiful woman in the world, two years ago. He encouraged Fox to revamp her look for her feature film debut in "Transformers" which included plastic surgery.

Megan's replacement in "Transformers" Rosie Whiteley Huntington (left) with Jason Statham (left)

She gained many male admirers, but stayed with her long term boyfriend, actor, Brian Austin Green, who took her into his home when she was 18 and an unknown and he 31. This displeased Bay as he wanted her to dump Green and marry him.