Saturday, June 12, 2010

Madonna - The Face Of Evil

The CGI Machine Broke


These photos of fallen pop star, Madonna, with make-up, but without Photoshop, leaked to the internet and they are scary. She often has such an evil look on her face, which is definitely aging her more rapidly, due to being such a vile human being. She is constantly grimacing and scowling and it is not flattering at all.

The ironic thing is she had the gall to give out alleged "anti-aging" tips during interviews, when all can see she has not aged well. There are many beautiful stars in their 50's who are in a position to dole out such advice, but Madonna is not one of them.

Her inability to wear age appropriate and complimentary clothing is not helping matters. Dressing like a 18-year-old will only emphasize the fact one is not.