Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Celluloid Film Review - G.I. Joe

Title: G.I. Joe

Year Of Release: 2009

Review Date: April 30, 2010

Rating: PG-13

Running time: 118 minutes

Box Office Gross: $302,139,942

Site Rating: 1 out of 10 stars

"GI Joe" was a trite, uninspired, unoriginal adaptation of the successful cartoon series of the same name. The film was a disappointment that suffered from a weak, derivative storyline, miscasting and an excessive amount of violence.

For those that loved the cartoon as children, this film was a let down. The box office gross of this expensive movie, got off to a very slow start as a result.

The crazy story line involves nanotechnology, mites and cancer, with a weapon being harnessed to attack electronics and metal. This film mocks cancer and any potential cure, by turning it into a debased storyline, only Hollywood is callous enough to put on film.

G.I. Joe and co. are then called in to battle their enemies abusing modern technology, to bring about a new world order.