Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Celluloid Film Review - The Colour Of War (Hitler)

Title: The Colour Of War (Hitler)

Year Of Release: 2009

Review Date: April 30, 2010

Rating: PG-13

Running time: 60 minutes

Box Office Gross: NA

Site Rating: 7 out of 10 stars

The documentary "The Colour Of War" examined Adolf Hitler's bloody reign, where he wreaked havoc on humanity, during the second World War.

The documentary chillingly starts with the words, "For 12 years Hitler dominated the German people and led them to the brink of a new world order. Hitler started a world war that cost the lives of 50 million people."

Beware of any man or woman seeking to bring about a "new world order." Such speech is usually associated with those immersed in madness, treachery, the occult and greed.

Adolf Hitler

The documentary goes on to quote inhumane lines from Hitler's diary, "This war will not come to an end the way the Jews imagine, with the extermination of the Aryan people. Instead it will see the complete annihilation of the Jews."

Hitler wickedly and psychotically mirrored his own conduct on his victims, defamatorily accusing the Jews of what he was actually doing to them - extermination. One of the cardinal marks of a sick mind is to accuse innocent victims of the terrible things one inflicts on them.

Nazis were characterized as socialists in the documentary. Hitler played on a nation's patriotism and destroyed many with it. He worshipped what he was not - blonde hair and blue eyes.

Old footage of kids heiling Hitler and crimson Nazi flags, the color of blood, were very jarring to watch in modern times. Kids were given "racial education classes" that promoted hatred, bigotry and stereotypes.

Such examples include a boy and girl in school, stating untruths they were indoctrinated with, "You can most easily tell a Jew by his nose. It looks like the number 6. You can tell by his eyes that he is deceitful" and "Jews often have an unpleasant odor. If you have a good nose, you can smell the Jews." Children were taught these terrible lies.

Such human rights abuses and social snubs, damaged the Jewish psyche. To add insult to injury, in September 1935, "Hitler announced new laws that turned Germany's Jews into second class citizens."

It's ironic that Hitler and his Nazis believed the Jews were inferior, yet certainly did not think the Jewish people's property was inferior. Hitler robbed Jewish people of their property, seizing it all and imprisoning them, when they had committed no crime.

Hitler and co. stole money, businesses, intangible assets, gold, jewelry, art and cars from the Jewish people. That's called hypocrisy. At the end of the day, Hitler and his Nazis, were common thieves and murderers.

Eva Braun

The documentary also featured Hitler's girlfriend, Eva Braun. The 25-year-old was so taken with Hitler, she irrationally twice tried to commit suicide, which is wrong, because he would not marry her.

Braun's dad, a Catholic, did not wish for her to have her own flat (apartment), which was provided by the fuehrer. He demanded Hitler send her home, as opposed to being his sex partner.

Hitler, who was no oil painting, thought quite a lot of himself, arrogantly proclaiming, "A highly intelligent man should take a primitive and stupid woman" for fear she would interfere with his work.

He went on to write, "I could never marry. It's the same with a movie actor. When he marries, he loses a certain something for the women, who adore him. He is no longer their idol." Dude was so deluded, believing he was a stud with movie star looks. Narcissism can play terrible tricks on the mind.

Images of mass graves and trucks carrying hundreds of bodies of Jewish victims that were sent to concentration camps, is horrible to look at in the film. In the end, 6 million Jewish people died, murdered on Hitler's orders.