Monday, May 24, 2010

Will Jonah Hex Sustain Megan Fox's Career

Megan Fox in "Jonah Hex"

Will the forthcoming film "Jonah Hex" starring Josh Brolin and Megan Fox, sustain the latter's career, now that she has been fired from the "Transformers 3" film. The Judiciary Report thinks not. "Transformers" was as good as it gets for Fox in Hollywood, as she cannot act. Unless she marries Bay, which is what he wants and he places her in similarly styled films, it's a wrap on her career as an A-list actress.

Will Bay get vindictive in the manner he writes Fox out of the franchise, giving the character an undignified death. One blog called for her to be squished like a bug by one of the robots, such as Optimus Prime. Meanwhile, the public is asking who will replace her in the flicks.

Megan Fox's latest cosmetic work is not flattering

Either way you slice it, this is not good news for Megan, as she lacks talent in her chosen profession. Not to mention, she just took on a $5,000,000 mortgage for a home in the Hollywood Hills, when her boyfriend's home went into foreclosure.

Will she dump her boyfriend of six years, Brian Austin Green and finally make things official will Bay. She wouldn't be the first starlet to go that route in the name of her career. However, it is not ethical. One should not marry someone one does not love.