Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rule Of Law?

U.S. President Barack Obama

The government consistently touts its adherence to the "rule of law." However, does the government practice what it preaches? The answer to that would be no. Many wealthy and famous men and women in Corporate America that flagrantly broke the law across the board, racking up a laundry list of crimes that range from financial fraud to racketeering, causing the U.S. financial crisis of 2008 that greatly damaged the global economy as well, remain free.

Not only have they been given a pass by the government for committing crimes that have brought so much suffering and financial loss in the nation and all over the world, their conduct has not been reined in one iota by the authorities, as it is business as usual in the corporate sector, creating new dangers waiting to explode in another intensified economic crisis.

To arrest a small time thief on the street, for what is petty theft, while allowing rich and famous criminals to continue in financial crimes that pose a danger to the world, constitutes a massive double standard, endangering the economic health and survival of the domestic and international community.

The Judiciary Report has seen it firsthand, as the FBI allows miscreants in Hollywood to engage in egregious financial crimes, stealing preexisting copyrights worth billions of dollars.

It's bad enough the FBI is unconstitutionally supporting Hollywood in these terrible crimes of blatant theft, they wouldn't even rein in the stalking, harassment and invasion of privacy being committed against me, as the head of the FBI, Robert S. Mueller, a known racist, who has been sued by many for his Nazi styled conduct, has convinced himself that because I'm a black immigrant citizen, it is acceptable collateral damage, so Hollywood stars can line their pockets and award shelves thanks to the stolen Copyrighted Catalog.

Even the Obama administration was notified about it last summer and looked the other way to the crimes being committed against me by his campaign donors in Hollywood, while his Department Of Justice, headed up by the incompetent Eric Holder, continues to hide incriminating Freedom of Information Act documents and an investigative report into the matter. In short, Obama is a fraud.

As a result, they felt so cocky and arrogant about their criminal misconduct, I was nearly sexually assaulted on a public street by a member of Madonna's Kabbalah cult.

The worst part of all of this is a portion of the proceeds from my copyrights were meant to go towards producing cures to cancer and AIDS. It is estimated several million people die each year of the two aforementioned diseases. Scientists and researchers have been attacking the problem from the wrong angle, regarding curing the diseases. There have also been complaints regarding lack of funding.

In the end, with the government, it is all about hypocrisy, greed and money, not human decency and saving lives.


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