Monday, May 24, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Cocaine Pic Not Used In Court

Lindsay Lohan

Fallen Hollywood actress and Kabbalah cult member, Lindsay Lohan, made an appearance in court today, regarding violating her probation and missed court hearing last week. The judge has set a hearing date regarding the incidents.

Lohan was inappropriately dressed, wearing a blouse that was too open and not right for court. She sported bright red skin, after partying it up in sun drenched Cannes, France.

The judge, who looked disappointed with Lohan's continued misconduct and had an expression of someone, who has been misused and taken advantage of, has imposed new terms on her probation, which include much needed random drug testing and an alcohol monitoring bracelet (SCRAM).

On Friday, May 21, 2010, the TMZ website posted photos of Lohan parting in Cannes, wearing skimpy clothes and posing by a table with lines of cocaine on it. Lohan has serious drug and alcohol problems that she is not taking seriously, which is a dangerous attitude to have, as one could overdose.

Lindsay's bad cosmetic surgery

The District Attorney in the Los Angeles case has determined the photo cannot be used as evidence, as there is no way they can test and verify the substance in the picture, which has gone down someone's nostrils by now.

Lohan's lawyer is of the misguided belief judges do not read pop culture websites like TMZ. She is sorely mistaken. There have been cases, where items on the TMZ website have been cited against celebrities or in their favor. This website also routinely gets many hits from within the court system in America and other nations.