Monday, May 24, 2010

Fergie In New Scandal


Sarah "Fergie" Ferguson, the ex-wife of Prince Andrew of Britain's royal family, is involved in a new scandal, after being caught on camera, soliciting money from businessmen, promising access to her ex-husband, not realizing they were journalists from the tabloid News Of The World.

Fergie accepted thousands of pounds in cash and solicited a $500,000 wire transfer, which was agreed upon, giving the impression Prince Andrew approved of the deal, when he has since stated he knew nothing of it.

Fergie has since apologized and stated she is having money problems, which is odd, as she has done endorsement deals and received a large amount of money in her divorce from Prince Andrew.

This is not Fergie's first scandal, as years ago during her marriage, she was photographed frolicking on a beach with a man not her husband, who got quite intimate with her, during an incident the tabloids captured via photograph.

Her financial adviser, John Bryan, was caught sucking her toes, which caused a big scandal, as she was still married to Prince Andrew. The couple divorced shortly after the incident.

Fergie is a member of the dangerous Kabbalah cult and joined at Madonna's insistence.