Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Claims She Lost Her Passport In Cannes

Lost It Or Flushed It With Her Stash

Lindsay Lohan

Troubled, one time, Hollywood actress, Lindsay Lohan, is claiming she lost her passport in Cannes, France, during a trip to promote a currently non-existent biopic of porn star, Linda Lovelace at the nation's premier film festival.

Therefore, after partying in Cannes, she cannot appear in a U.S. court in California tomorrow, to face Judge Marsha Revel and explain why she has not complied with the terms of her probation, which required her to complete regular alcohol education classes.

The schizophrenic drama queen and cult member, refuses to get her life together, jumping from one crisis to another, all of her own making. If she is not in court tomorrow, she should face jail time.


Why did she go to Cannes, when she doesn't even have a film in the can, pardon the pun. The Lovelace biopic is nowhere near concrete, as a go for filming with Lohan in it. The trip was not necessary under the circumstances, considering her probation issues.

She had no business crossing the pond, while not being in compliance with a judge's orders. She is not considered a bankable star anymore. Therefore, what was an appearance in Cannes really going to accomplish. Investors do not want to back projects with irresponsible, frequently tardy Lohan and audiences find her life depressing and difficult to separate from her characters onscreen.

All in all, the trip has the appearance of an excuse to party, get high and dodge court, for failing to comply with a judge's orders. Not the best way to show the world one is responsible and recovered.