Friday, May 21, 2010

The Government Neutralizing People

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

During the 1960s, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) utilized a terrible, human rights abusing, surveillance and harassment program called COINTELPRO, with the aim of "neutralizing" outspoken public figures and writers.

The program was infamously used to terrorize and destroy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., culminating in his assassination, as ordered by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. When King refused to break after being illegally wiretapped, harassed, defamed, arrested, threatened with death and subject to undue public shame, the order was given to murder him.

The issue would be in the past, except it isn't, as the FBI has been caught using the same techniques against innocent, outspoken citizens, in the present day, which violates the Constitution.

Men and women, who have falsely been accused of crime by the FBI, as well as innocent journalists and bloggers, who have written unfavorable articles about the Bureau or a sitting politician with ties to FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, have seen their lives disrupted and destroyed, via illegal surveillance and acts of harassment.

The FBI has illegally wiretapped, hacked, trailed and bugged innocent people, engaging in break-ins to their homes, known as black bag jobs, in attempts at uncovering embarrassing and potentially derogatory information that can be used against them, for exercising their First Amendment rights.

The FBI has leaned on employers, associates, friends and family members of innocent people they pursued in this manner, telling them to abandon and insult the individual, in bids at isolating and psychologically destroying them.

The FBI has roped in local police in some cases to arrest targets on fake traffic violations, as a form of harassment.

The FBI has utilized what is known as "electronic harassment" via using what is known as "microwave weapons" against the properties of said targets, creating power surges, deteriorating the electronics in their home and causing health maladies, such as aneurysms and strokes.

The FBI is using military tactics against innocent U.S. civilians they seek to silence and "neutralize." The agency has not changed one bit. They simply rename disgraceful programs that are chock full of human rights abuses.

When the FBI should be out catching terrorists, this is the madness they are engaging in on the taxpayers' dime. Is the FBI a law enforcement agency or a criminal organization. At this point, who can tell the difference.


The FBI Spying On People In Their Homes