Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Geezer Bandit Kicking FBI's Butt


A bank robber, known as the Geezer Bandit, has been kicking the FBI's butt. After 8 bank robberies in a row, a man that probably has arthritis and colitis and is collecting Social Security, continues to elude a younger and fitter, Federal Bureau of Investigation. Your tax dollars hard at work.

"Geezer Bandit"

Who Is the Geezer Bandit?

SAN DIEGO (CN) - Federal and state officials seek help in identifying the "Geezer Bandit," who has robbed eight banks in San Diego County. Three rewards, totaling $16,000, have been offered to tips leading to the arrest of the white man whose last heist was the U.S. Bank inside an Albertson's grocery store in Vista on April 30. The Geezer Bandit has hit about one bank a month since he began his run on Aug. 28, 2009, in Santee.