Friday, May 7, 2010

Conservatives Win Most Seats In U.K. Election

David Cameron and wife Samantha

The Conservative Party, headed by David Cameron, won the most votes and the greater number of seats in the U.K. Parliament. However, the number was slightly short of the 326 needed for a Parliamentary majority. This is known as a hung Parliament.

As such, Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, is trying to remain in office, in spite of the fact, his opponents have won more of the popular vote and the most seats in Parliament.

Many are calling for electoral reform, as it is regrettable the people have spoken, via record voter turnout, with one side, the Conservative Party, winning millions more votes than Labour, yet the Prime Ministership is not settled. This ought not to be.

Gordon Brown

The options currently available are for Prime Minister Gordon Brown to resign, as the Conservatives won millions more votes than he and his party did in this election, even surpassing the number that duly elected him to office in 2005 or either party can form a new government with the third runner up, the Liberal democrats.

The main problem with the second option is the Labour Party would still lack the required number of seats to form a working government, even when paired with the Liberal Democrats. The choice is clear. The Conservatives have it.

The British people have spoken. They chose the Conservative Party this go round. For the Prime Minister to stay on is to go against the will of the people. Governing will be extremely difficult and world history will record it as a defeat, rather than a victory.

Liberal Democrat, Nick Clegg (left) Conservative, David Cameron (center) and Labour's Gordon Brown

How are they going to get anything done in Parliament, under the circumstances, with Brown still in office, toiling under a minority number of Labour seats. It shall prove detrimental to the British people and a waste of their time and tax dollars.

It shall also damage the interests of the Liberal Democrats, if history records they sided with the party, Labour, that won the second highest number of votes, rather than the first, the Conservatives, which clearly signals the latter side is the will of the people.

At least in pairing with the Party that garnered the most votes, the Liberal Democrats could improve their stature, after what they've labeled a disappointing showing.

The Judiciary Report's main concern is years more of the Labour Party, under its current spending practices, shall bankrupt Britain and negatively impact the pound and neighboring nations, as the financial crisis that began in America and spread to the rest of the world, is still raging out of control. The storm is not over. The government needs to change course and Labour had years to do so, but have not.

Greece is already having massive trouble. Neighboring Europe needs Britain to be at its financial best. A continuation of the policies of the past several years, will not be beneficial in this regard.