Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Basketball Wives" Lacks Substance

Shaunie O'Neal, wife of NBA basketball player, Shaquille O'Neal

The reality show, Basketball Wives, which premiered last month, lacks substance and has not improved with newer episodes. There is a significant emphasis on wealth, rather than what is truly important in life.

The women on the show are emotionally wounded and bitter, due to unfaithful basketball players. It is natural to feel hurt by such infidelity, but they are not working through their problems and pain in a productive manner.

The show didn't contain the substance of the unrelated, but similarly titled, February 2010 hour long documentary "Basketball Wives" which aired on E and focused on the unexpected pitfalls of becoming a professional basketball player.

Basketball Wives

That program added stories of sadness, such as an NBA wife developing cancer before her wedding and having to undergo chemotherapy, which made her hair fall out. Her finance, who is now her husband, shaved his head to show his support and solidarity with her.

Another curious item is Shaunie O'Neal's disappearance from this week's episode. Her husband, Shaquille O'Neal, sent a legal notice to the makers of the reality show, informing them her appearance and discussion of their marriage, would be a violation of their divorce confidential agreement.