Friday, April 2, 2010

Tiger Woods Mistress Paid Millions For Silence

Tiger Woods

Rachel Utichel, one of the mistresses of embattled golfer, Tiger Woods, was reportedly paid millions for her silence, via a confidentiality agreement, brokered by her attorney.

The Judiciary Report is not in favor of such conduct, as Ms. Utichel was a consenting adult, who conducted a sexual affair that greatly damaged an innocent woman and her children, threatening the love and stability of a family unit.

Elin Woods

For that she should be paid squat, zilch, zero, nada, nothing - and have the decency to keep silent for free, as she is no victim. It was extortion. Any money should go to Woods' children.

When they get older, they will be the ones that stumble across photos on the internet of Utichel trailing their dad to Florida, after the distasteful story broke, while other snaps show her strategically bending over to show the paparazzi her butt, which coincidentally, she basically sold by taking the settlement money, when she has not been damaged in anyway.

Woods' wife Elin could not feel good about how these women released salacious items to the press, throwing the details of adulterous affairs with her husband in her face and with the way the internet works, that of her children in years to come, as that stuff stays out there.

If Utichel has any decency, she'd give any money she reaped from her adulterous conduct to charity and apologize to his wife and children, for the pain she has caused them, in tandem with Tiger. Why should he be the only one to apologize. It's time for the women involved in this scandal to start apologizing.

That's another thing. Allred has taken honorable cases representing people who have truly been harmed by others. I've read of a case she undertook, regarding minors that sustained damage.

Therefore, it's a mystery why she takes cases such as Uchitel and Joslyn James, as these are women who are consenting adults that engaged in adultery, with a man everyone knows is married. As the Judiciary Report sees it, Elin and her two kids are the only aggrieved parties.

If I were a lawyer and Utichel came to me regarding Woods, I would tell her, "You don't need a lawyer. You need a church. The only thing you are victim to is your own lust."