Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Falls At Club Again And Bounced Checks Confirmed

Lindsay Lohan being helped into car after falling over again outside a night club

In the March 12. 2010 article entitled E*Trade To Lindsay Lohan: You Can Bounce Like One Of Your Checks the Judiciary Report insinuated (ok, flat out wrote it) that Lindsay Lohan has been bouncing checks. Well, two weeks later, it has been revealed, she has been doing just that, bouncing checks. Her rent checks to be specific.

TMZ today obtained two bounced rent checks former actress Lindsay Lohan issued to pay her lease, which is $10,000 per month. The site was right again. This adds to the long list of exclusives on the site.

Years ago, the Judiciary Report's sister site the Sound Off Column was the first to disclose the fact Lindsay Lohan is a drug addict, which she denied for a long time.

Then, in 2007, the Judiciary Report site made a prediction, her then unknown reckless behavior that was hidden within Hollywood, would get her arrested and a week after the article ran that is exactly what happened.

Just five weeks ago, Lindsay Lohan did an interview finally admitting she's taken cocaine and other drugs, but insisted she is now drug free. Five weeks ago when the article was posted in the Sun, the Judiciary Report, knowing otherwise, shook its cyber head in disagreement and stated Lohan is still using cocaine.

Two weeks after the aforementioned article ran on the site, stating she is still using cocaine, Cocainegate happened, where Lindsay Lohan was pictured leaving a party with cocaine flying from her shoes, proving the Judiciary Report right again and also confirming the site's privately held belief, Lindsay Lohan is made of cocaine. In short, the Judiciary Report 5,345,000 - Lindsay Lohan 0 (just like her bank account).


But let's get down to the nitty gritty. First of all, what is an unemployed actress doing leasing a property for $10,000 per month. That's $120,000 per year, plus fees associated with upkeep.

Second question, why do you have a driver, bodyguard and publicist, when you can't even pay your rent. At this point, your only career is stealing from people.

Living on credit is not a good idea. Neither is living off sugar mommies (Samantha Ronson, Donna Karan, Courtney Semel ect..) because when people get tired of your antics, you are out of gas and more importantly, it is immoral.

Dina Lohan (do we need to drug test her too)

You also need to remember, credit card companies will sue when you default, especially on large sums, such as the balances you are carrying, trying to pretend you are still a wealthy it girl.

Viper Room sidewalk where River Phoenix Died

Third question, does Dina Lohan need a drug test, going around insisting her daughter Lindsay is fine, not on drugs and still wealthy. Which Lindsay are you referring to Dina, the E*Trade baby Lindsay, because milk is cheaper than cocaine.

River Phoenix

Lastly, when I look at photos of Lindsay now, I see River Phoenix. However, the socially conscious unconscious version. A young Hollywood actor so engrossed in taking drugs, death took one by surprise on a club pavement.

Dina Lohan -- Bounced Checks, Really?

Posted Apr 2nd 2010 5:13PM by TMZ Staff - Lindsay Lohan's mother, Dina Lohan, has been blabbing all over town that her daughter was never behind in paying her rent ... but there's this issue of bounced checks to the landlord.

We first reported that Lindsay was behind on her rent, but Dina is saying it's just not so. TMZ has seen copies of two bounced checks, from Lindsay to her landlord, both written this year ... both of which have been stamped on the front with the words, "RETURN REASON - NOT SUFFICIENT FUNDS. NOT SUFFICIENT FUNDS."

We spoke with Dina, who says she didn't know anything about bounced checks. Dina says Lindsay has her business manager write her checks, and the one who she used in February is no longer working with her.