Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jon Gosselin Sues For Custody And Alimony

"Jon and Kate Plus 8"

Reality star and cheating husband, Jon Gosselin, has sued ex-wife, Kate for spousal support and custody of their eight children, after abandoning his family for two sexual affairs.

Kate Gosselin

The Judiciary Report is of the belief custody should remain with Kate Gosselin and her ex-husband is not entitled to any of her earnings from television shows, such as Dancing With The Stars. Regrettably, Gosselin has shown via past actions, he cannot be counted on to be there for his children, having abandoned them for women he barely even knew.

He distressed and humiliated his ex-wife with his conduct and owes her an apology, not a legal writ demanding a chunk of her income he had nothing to do with.

Kate Gosselin on "Dancing With The Stars"

Divorce was not the answer. He is most likely jealous as well, to see her new makeover, replete with hair extensions, a new smile and new body. You go girl.

Jon Gosselin sues Kate for custody. How will she interpret this into dance?

Looks like Kate Gosselin should look forward to more papa-paparazzi: According to People, Jon Gosselin is suing the Dancing With the Stars competitor for primary custody of their eight children. The papers, filed in Pennsylvania, claim Kate has yet to document her child expenses. Of course, we all saw this coming — Just yesterday, Jon described Kate as an “absentee parent” while announcing his intent to sue for custody.

We all know what this means: More Jon-themed dances from Kate and Tony. Make your pitches and costume suggestions in comments after the jump.