Saturday, April 3, 2010

The FBI Fancies Itself A Corporation

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

Today on The FBI's website, the national law enforcement agency fancied itself a corporation, much like the Judiciary Report's sister site the Sound Off Column made reference to in 2006, drawing parallels to point out the agency's shortcomings, costing the taxpayers of America a fortune, due to their folly.

Today the FBI stated, "In the corporate world, the approach might help reveal inefficiencies and save money. For the FBI, finding intelligence gaps or discovering better methods could save lives."

However, the FBI clearly thinks a lot of itself, which is ironic given its terrible failure rate. As the Sound Off Column did in 2006, comparing the FBI to a corporation to highlight its failures, the Judiciary Report shall do today as well, especially in light of recently released Inspector General reports, painfully illustrating the FBI is still wasting hundreds of millions in taxpayer money. Some people never learn.

A corporation could never function in the manner the FBI has under Director Robert S. Mueller. If the FBI had been an actual corporation, it would have went bankrupt, folded and gone out of business long ago, with shareholders protesting in revolt at its poor practices that cost them a big bundle.

In corporate terms, the FBI suffers from self-inflicted bad PR, systematic budget overruns, financial misappropriation, exorbitant expense accounts, embezzlement, unethical business practices, deceptive advertising, invades customers' privacy, poor consumer ties, ineptitude, breach of fiduciary duty, misconduct, insider trading, unaccounted for and stolen equipment, unnecessary overtime, gross lack of efficiency, computer illiterate, bad communications systems, a bad line of products and a treacherous, ruthless megalomaniac CEO.


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The New Intelligence-Driven FBI - 04/02/10 - With the leadership of almost every major FBI program seated around a conference table at FBI Headquarters and the top echelons of the Bureau’s three largest field offices appearing via remote television monitors, Director Robert Mueller arrived in shirtsleeves and got down to business.

The assistant directors in charge of the New York, Los Angeles, and Washington Field Offices, along with their top managers, were present—leaning forward, ready to field questions on how they are tackling the Bureau’s top priorities and their own most pressing threats.

The meeting is called a Strategy Performance Session, or SPS. It’s a management tool to drill down and identify how well a field office knows its territory and what its investigative strengths and weaknesses are. In the corporate world, the approach might help reveal inefficiencies and save money. For the FBI, finding intelligence gaps or discovering better methods could save lives.

The two-hour, semi-annual sessions—and the preparation leading up to them—can help reveal not only how much our 56 field offices know, but how they know it. What effective techniques can be adopted by other offices?...

“Everyone in that room heard from the Director about what he wants,” Harrington said. By meeting’s end, action items are clear. Headquarters knows what commanders are up against, and the field has unfiltered insight into Director Mueller’s priorities. “By asking the right questions, we’re engaging them to start thinking about it.”...