Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Andy Roddick Wins Miami Tennis Title

Andy Roddick

After slamming fellow tennis player, Wayne Odesnik, for allegedly importing and ingesting the steroid HGH, Andy Roddick won the Miami masters series on Key Biscayne this past weekend, defeating Tomas Berdych. Roddick proclaimed Odesnik's conduct cheating, but let's be honest here, Roddick is the one cheating with a bionic arm (joking).


Andy Roddick Slams Steroid Using Tennis Player

Victory shows that Andy Roddick is growing up

Sun., April 4, 2010 - Andy Roddick still has the scariest serve in tennis -- one that caused fearless dunker Dwyane Wade to duck out of the way during an exhibition. Roddick still has his shirt-yanking tic. He still zings like a stand-up comedian. And, even at age 27, Roddick still wears a baseball cap backward.

Roddick still wins tennis championships...blending power and placement in an efficient 7-5, 6-4 dismissal of Tomas Berdych under a blazing sun...