Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Usher Stealing For A Comeback

Usher (right) wearing a Kabbalah cult bracelet

Sony artist Usher, has so fallen off in the music world and become so desperate for a comeback, he and the other unoriginal infringers over at Sony, have stolen copyrighted work for his weak comeback.

His new single "OMG" rips off the preexisting track of the same name by British-Jamaican singer, Sabrina Washington, which has been out for months, has been played on radio stations in Britain and featured on numerous blogs.

The songs have the same title, repetition, similar melodies, music and lyrics. They've slapped the stolen Sabrina song together with one of my unreleased, preexisting copyrighted music video treatments, the latter constituting criminal copyright infringement on Usher's part and released it today. What kind of man steals from a woman. That's so pathetic.

If this is the best you can do, Usher, you need to retire. Just pure garbage. Your time has passed. Go join Sony labelmate and womanbeater, Chris Brown, on the musical scrap heap of ethically challenged artists that believed their own hype to the point they broke the law against women.