Friday, March 12, 2010

Supreme Court Mad At Obama

U.S. President Obama

Two months ago, prior to U.S. President Barack Obama's first State of the Union address, I referred to it as a national pep talk. Head of the Supreme Court, Justice Roberts, stated this week he is troubled that the State of the Union address has become a "pep rally." However, that's what it's always been - an address to encourage and energize the nation.

Roberts took exception to it this time, as Obama was the first President to scold and chide them to their faces, during the widely viewed telecast, due to a recent Supreme Court decision, in essence, embarrassing them to the nation and watching world. They didn't appreciate the dress-down, as they were clowned on national TV.

U.S. Supreme Court

I must admit, I'm not that encouraged about the Supreme Court's decision regarding campaign finance, greatly opening it up to domestic and foreign corporations. It does not properly fall under the category "free speech" as the Court labeled the contents of their argument and it opens U.S. elections up to foreign powers, which was very unwise.

The Judiciary Report is a firm believer that nations should not interfere in other nations' internal affairs, especially in the form of elections. There are so many multi-billion dollar corporations in the world that could bankroll a U.S. election. What if a foreign power working through one of them, decides to financially install their own U.S. President. Then what? Where will that leave America?