Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Prius Makes A Run For It At 90 MPH

"Video: California man says Prius accelerated out of control"

A Toyota Prius hauled butt at 95 MPH, without the owner's permission, taking him on a terrifying ride that forced a brave police officer to attempt a daring stunt, via using his vehicle to act as a brake in stopping the runaway car.

Thankfully it worked, as a family died in California last year when their Toyota plowed through a red light, refusing to stop, suffering from the same braking issue. The U.S. government is looking into both cases.


This latest accident comes as another blow to the embattled Toyota corporation, who is struggling to rebuild its brand after a series of high profile brake failures. Toyota claims the problem is mechanical, but many disagree, as it appears to be a computer based issue.


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Runaway Prius hits 90 mph before stopping with aid of CHP

A stuck accelerator takes Prius to 90 mph on I-8 before an officer helps out.

March 9, 2010 - The driver of a Toyota Prius who called 911 on Monday to report his accelerator was stuck finally got the car stopped after about 20 minutes with the help of the California Highway Patrol, officers said.

"He was reaching speeds over 90 miles per hour," CHP Officer Larry Landeros said of the driver, James Sikes.

A Toyota spokesman said Monday evening that the company, which has recalled millions of vehicles because of reports of unintended acceleration, was sending a representative to investigate the cause of the incident...