Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mistress Of Sandra Bullock's Husband Confirmed White Supremacist

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James

Mainstream press outlets have confirmed that Michelle McGhee, the mistress of actress Sandra Bullock's husband, Jesse James, is a white supremacist.

A photograph of her refrigerator door, reveals the words "White Power" spelled out in letter magnets, as often used by children. McGhee has a young son, who is greeted by the slogan on the family's fridge. Sad.

McGhee is embroiled in a custody battle with her ex-husband. He has labeled her an unfit mother, steeped in pornography and racism, who also struggles with "bipolar" disorder.

Meanwhile, Bullock's husband, is in a battle with his tattooed, porn star second wife, over the custody of their children. How and why Bullock became entangled with someone immersed in so much drama is still a mystery.

Michelle McGhee

Many people don't get it. Bullock is an actress of some reputation, with millions in the bank, after playing roles as America's sweetheart, yet she has married a man that is rebellious, adulterous, litigious and reportedly racist.

But who is the real Sandra Bullock and why was she attracted to this chaos. She married James, becoming his third wife, whilst one of his ex-wives continued to make pornographic products and eventually landed in prison.

Michelle McGhee

Bullock helped him fight his ex-wife in court over his two children with her, as her conduct made her an unfit mother as well. But why did Bullock think she could hack such a conflicted and tumultuous situation. Man or woman, there are just some situations one should not get involved in and realize from the outset, said potential relationship can breed trouble and bring you much heartache.