Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bill To Ban Disclosure Of 911 Calls

Brittany Murphy

The Florida House Governmental Affairs Policy Committee seeks to introduce a bill that would ban the release of 911 calls. Some are against the bill, but the Judiciary Report is in favor of keeping said calls private.

The deciding factor in the site's opinion? TMZ paid for and published the 911 tape of Sharon Murphy, mother of deceased actress, Brittany Murphy and it was heart wrenching.

Brittany Murphy's home, where she died of an accidental pharmaceutical drug overdose, with an iron deficiency and anemia accompanying it, often caused by drugs such as Topomax

Murphy was a distraught mother, wailing for help, as her daughter lay dying before her very eyes. This should not have been released to the public. The woman's most devastating moment was being played all over the internet and it was not right.

Unless there is a criminal investigation and 911 tapes are critical evidence that can convict a lawbreaker, they should not be made public.

“The Tiger Woods Relief Act?”

March 2nd, 2010 05:04pm - Yep. That’s what public records activists are asking about a bill being proposed by the Florida House Governmental Affairs Policy Committee that would exempt entire 911 tapes from the public.

That means the public could not know the name, home address or other personal information that would identify the person requesting an emergency response.

The news media, acting as the arm of the public, could get access to the printed transcript of the 911 tape… 60 days after the incident, but any information identifying the person would be removed...

Bill Might Block 911 Call Recordings

MADISON - State lawmakers will vote in committee Thursday on whether to stop considering 911 call recordings a public record. Under the current law, 911 recordings are generally available to the general public with few exceptions.

However, some state lawmakers say the recordings should not be considered public records to protect the privacy of callers...