Monday, February 1, 2010

Tony Blair Testifies In Iraq Inquiry

Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair

Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, testified today in a very sad hearing held in London, before the Iraq Inquiry Commission. One got the impression he knew more than he was saying. The question is, why an intelligent man let himself get swept up in this evil. Why did he go along with this, knowing what he knew - items the world was not privy to when a case was being made for the war.

Blair express no remorse for getting Britain into the Iraq war, which was based on faulty intelligence, trumped up by the Bush Administration. Blair needs to show some contrition, as many have died. His reasoning is former Iraqi Prime Minister Saddam Hussein was an evil man. This is true, but the war was waged under false pretenses.

Bush and co. invoked an international emergency, citing Weapons of Mass Destruction posing a threat to humanity, as the grounds to illegally invade another nation, murder its leader and topple the government. This was patently wrong and evil, as there was no emergency, no WMDs and no lawful basis for the attack.

The Bush Administration had no legal mandate to invade Iraq. The war was born out of greed and corruption in wanting to steal what would amount to trillions in oil. The Bush Administration lied to the American people and the world to achieve the unthinkable. But then it blew up in Bush's face.

"Video: Dead soldier mum 'sickened' by Tony Blair"

No one should try to pretty it up. You are war criminals with the blood of over 1 million civilians (Iraqis) and 10,000 soldiers on your hands, for waging a war that was not based in any other purpose than theft.

The Bush and Cheney names will live in disgrace and infamy indefinitely. They are despised in America and the world. History will never justify murder for oil. Stealing and clinging to the people of Iraq's national property like common criminal, while civilians and soldiers paid for it with their blood.

Why you chose to go along with it, Mr. Blair, is something the British people struggle to understand, as reflected by their articles and online comments. You need to seek the Lord's forgiveness for the poor decisions you have made, Mr. Blair, as many people have died.

The occupation was and is illegal. If Obama does not get out of that region, he too will join the exclusive and disgraced club of war criminals. It is really sad those acting in government can decide other people's earthly fate.

Iraq inquiry: Tony Blair had no regrets over toppling Saddam Hussein

Published: 10:00PM GMT 29 Jan 2010 - Tony Blair refused to express regret for overthrowing Saddam Hussein and told the Chilcot inquiry he would take the decision to invade Iraq again even knowing the dictator had no weapons of mass destruction.

During six tense hours in front of the inquiry into the war, the former prime minister also used his testimony repeatedly to urge world leaders to take military action against Iran, which he described as more dangerous than Iraq had been under Saddam.

His confident delivery was interrupted only once by the audience, which included the relatives of British troops killed in Iraq, when he was asked to reflect on the fate of those who had died during the conflict.