Monday, February 22, 2010

Ashley Cole Facing Disciplinary Action At Chelsea FC

Ashley Cole and Chelsea FC teammate John Terry

Chelsea FC football player and adulterer, Ashley Cole, is facing massive fines and additional disciplinary action from the team, for lying to management in London, England, to facilitate sexual affairs.

Ashley Cole

Cole is currently out with a broken ankle. I'm surprised nothing else is broken after all that cheating. Thus far, five women have come forward during the current scandal.

The strain is showing on Cheryl Cole's face, which seems to have aged years overnight.

Cole and his wife, Cheryl, have faced a torrent of public abuse over a second set of infidelity claims against him, but it is still up to her whether she continues with her marriage.

Chelsea FC contends, Cole violated management policy by smuggling a woman, Vicki Gough, a secretary for rival Liverpool FC, into his hotel room on two occasions, during away games, to conduct an extramarital affair. The intent to deceive is apparent, as such conduct is not allowed by the team.

An embarrassed Cole, dodging press regarding her wayward husband, going to the Brits last week to perform stolen music "Fight For This Love"

In other news, Ashley Cole's dad gave him a serious dressing down in the press, but his words were true, corrective and appropriate. He needs to listen to what his dad is telling him.

Shamed Ashley Cole set for massive club fine

February 22, 2010 - Newspaper reports on Monday have suggested that Chelsea defender Ashley Cole could be set for a huge club fine following the latest revelations about his private life.

Carlo Ancelotti had warned his players, including Ashley Cole

• Chelsea remind players to "protect club's image"

Last week, coach Carlo Ancelotti insisted the club would take a hard line with any player who causes harm to the club's reputatiion. It followed weeks of press reports surrounding both Cole and captain John Terry. The club stated any player breaking the new code would face the "severest disciplinary consequences"..