Friday, October 2, 2009

FBI Agents And Sex Scandals

John Guandolo

A constant stream of stories have revealed there is a problem with FBI agents succumbing to sexual proclivities while on the job.

A few incidents include, an FBI Agent masturbating in the women's bathroom of a university, debauched fraternization between agents stationed at the Guantanamo Bay prison, a New York agent passing sensitive info to his actress girlfriend in the Anthony Pellicano case, a sex tape scandal at an FBI field office, a female FBI agent accused of sexual harassment in India, a married, male FBI agent brutally beating and kidnapping his girlfriend and in another case, a male agent sleeping with a Chinese spy.

The latest scandal involves a married FBI agent, John Guandolo, sleeping with a federal witness and other female FBI agents (at least, I think they are female - kidding).

Mr. Guandolo's sexual proclivities "jeopardized" the William Jefferson case, as he slept with a federal witness, while serving as her driver. "Driving Ms. Daisy" it was not.

First of all, based on the evidence presented, Mr. Jefferson appears quite guilty of accepting a $100,000 bribe. FBI Agent Guandolo's sexual relationship with an innocent witness, should have no bearing on the case in that respect.

If he were not married and struck up a romantic relationship with an innocent witness, it should not factor into anything. However, some may view it as corrupting a witness with sex, to sway testimony in favor of the prosecution.

Lori Mody (like we can't see what she looks like - what was the sense of blurring it)

Nonetheless, considering it is usually men chasing women, males begging females for sex, I find it hard to believe that happened in the Guandolo/Mody incident.

If the story was about a female FBI agent sleeping with a male witness, as a juror, maybe I would wonder if it swayed the witness' testimony. But with strong evidence, such as photos and or tapes, illustrating the Defendant breaking the law, it would not be a factor.

However, if an FBI agent dated a spy or a criminal going on trial, such behavior would pose a conflict of interest in justice matters and be highly inappropriate.

Additionally, why is Guandolo's supervisor in trouble regarding this matter. I find it hard to believe apart of his job description was supervising and chaperoning the sex lives of his subordinates.

If that is the case, the FBI has gone way too far prying into its agents' lives. What kind of work environment would that be. Somebody call OSHA!

FBI HQ clearly treats agents like robots and when you do that in any government or commercial organization, expect trouble, as people are human.

God didn't make humans to be robots with no feelings, emotions or thought. God made humans real, live beings with a wide range of feelings, but said emotions must be expressed in the correct context, where it is not unlawful (i.e. murder, assault, rape or theft would be examples of unlawful anger and lust).

Even the head of the FBI, Robert S. Mueller, has cheated on his wife and more than once. However, such adulterous conduct is inappropriate and not to be encouraged.

FBI agents should be allowed to date and or marry each other, just like agents should be allowed to date and or marry whomever they choose, providing the person is not a criminal defendant, terrorist or spy.

To discourage non-adulterous workplace relationships is unrealistic. Look at Bill and Melinda Gates, they met on the job at Microsoft, fell in love, got married and now have children together.

Anger And Stress Management

Due to the high pressure, stressful environment FBI agents work in, there is clearly a lot of anger among agents as well and it often comes out in the wrong manner. The FBI would do well to teach their agents anger and stress management.

In closing, Mr. Mueller, working people into the ground, because you feel you can, is a unwise idea. You do not get the best out of people that way.

A 40-hour work week is acceptable, with overtime if desired. Do remember, at the end of the day, people have lives. They are not supposed to be there at your disposal 24 hours a day, for one of your ill-thought out, poorly planned directives.

What good are they to the nation if they are overworked, tired and sleep-deprived. No one functions well under such circumstances.

Side Bar: The FBI really does seem to have a sexually charged work environment. When I was interviewed by the first FBI agent that questioned me, regarding what is now this case, the female receptionist was looking at his butt, he put his hand to his head and winced in pain, as was getting a migraine from what I was telling him about Pellicano and co.'s twisted conduct and I was there thinking, "This crazy pop witch is out to get me when I didn't do anything to her!" When the interview was over and he shook my hand and said "be safe" he had this spooked "she might get shot by them" look on his face.


Why Couldn’t the FBI Agent Keep His G-Man in His Pants?

Monday, September 28th at 10:30PM EDT - The FBI’s most incriminating evidence in the trial of former Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) were the tapes gathered by cooperating witness Lori Mody, who wore a wire for that purpose during several meetings with the New Orleans corruptocrat.

Mody, you may recall, was business associate who served as the conduit for $100,000 of FBI cash, $90,000 of which wound up in the freezer! of Jefferson’s Washington home.

Mody was not proffered as a witness in Jefferson’s bribery and racketeering trial; the defense planned to call her mental stability into question. Jefferson was ultimately convicted on 11 of 16 counts back in August.

Now comes news that Mody’s FBI “handler” (double entendre intended) left the Bureau last December rather than answer questions about his relationship with Mody. The Bureau kept the relationship quiet, rather than telling the judge about it, and has thereby handed Jefferson one more issue to pursue on appeal...

As the corruption case against former Rep. William Jefferson was about to go to trial in June, prosecutors learned from their star witness that she had had a sexual relationship with the undercover FBI agent who drove her to all the meetings where she secretly taped and delivered cash to the New Orleans Democrat…

Guandolo resigned from the FBI on or about Dec. 1, before the bureau’s Office of Professional Responsibility could question him about his sexual liaisons with Mody, as well as with women FBI agents, relationships detailed in a document Guandolo had prepared...

From FBI Agent's Affair List: 'Lori M. Sex While On The Job. Jeopardized Case'

September 28, 2009, 6:45PM - The FBI says it's reviewing why it didn't reveal to prosecutors in the corruption case of Congressman William Jefferson that an agent on the case had an affair with a key government informant, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports...

Another column on the list read: "Sex while on the job, Jeopardized case." But, according to prosecutors, Guandolo's superiors did not successfully connect the dots and learn Lori M's identity. Only in June, when Mody came forward right before the Jefferson trial got underway, did prosecutors find out about the 2005 relationship between Guandolo and Mody...

And asked by the paper how his superiors obtained the affair list, Guandolo said: "It's a lot simpler than you think."

FBI late to link 'Lori M.' with agent in Jefferson case

September 28, 2009, 3:14PM - The FBI knew last year that special agent John Guandolo had had "sex while on the job" with a woman named "Lori M." and that Guandolo feared that his actions had jeopardized a case...

But court documents unsealed have exposed Guandolo’s behavior, and raised questions about the FBI’s failure to alert the federal court, the U.S. attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia, which prosecuted Jefferson, or Timothy Thibault, the lead FBI agent in the Jefferson case, of Guandolo’s misconduct...

According to the government brief, "apparently believing that 'Lori M.' may have been an FBI employee, the FBI ran a search for any person matching the name 'Lori M.' in the FBI’s Washington Field Office with negative results." The brief notes that Thibault and Guandolo worked in different squads in different buildings...

After Mody came to Thibault to tell him about her relationship June 5, prosecutors decided not to call Mody as a witness, though they were still able to play the tapes she recorded of her conversations with Jefferson. The defense didn’t learn of the nature of Guandolo’s relationship with Mody until a month later, in early July, according to filings...

The attorneys contend that, "Thibault’s inability to uncover this serious breach of FBI protocol goes directly to this core competence," particularly because "Thibault was aware that Mody was sensitive and emotionally needy," and that "she was flirtatious and responded in kind to flirtatious comments."

Instead, the defense attorneys said, Thibault himself was occasionally flirtatious with Mody and then assigned Mody and Guandolo hotel rooms with an adjoining door when they were at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival in April 2005.

The fact that Thibault, "failed to see any signs that Guandolo and Mody were involved in a personal relationship that lasted for at least several months," the defense said, "raises significant questions about whether Thibault failed to properly supervise the investigation, and about the acuteness of his observations and perceptions."...