Saturday, April 23, 2016

Boxer Adrien Broner Released From Jail But Still Faces Second Court Case

Adrien Broner and fiancée Arie
26-year-old boxer, Adrien Broner, has been released from jail in Ohio, on a probation violation for a driving under the influence (DUI) charge, but still faces legal troubles. The singer posted a photo on his social networking pages, expressing the fact he in thankful to be home with his fiancée and children, after spending 10-days in jail.


Upon his release from jail yesterday, Broner posted this photo from his home, featuring his fiancée and children sleeping in bed, stating he missed them
Multi-millionaire Broner has a second case pending for assault and robbery, after a bowling alley gambling incident in January went wrong, devolving into violence. Broner has pled not guilty to the charges and faces 2-10 years in prison if convicted. Probation would be an option. However, his priors could pose a problem, as he has been in trouble before. Hopefully the court will have mercy on him, as sending him away a long time for this offense doesn't make sense, especially if he can make peace with the victim. In the meantime, Broner needs to go to rehab, stay out of trouble, work on his fitness and hit the ring. A number of boxers have expressed an interest in fighting Broner in what would be strong commercial bouts.