Saturday, June 12, 2010

Michael Bay Wanted Megan Fox For Trophy Wife

The Price To Pay For Not Being Megan Bay

Megan Fox

"Transformers" director, Michael Bay, wanted actress, Megan Fox, for a trophy wife. He has resented her boyfriend of 6-years, actor, Brian Austin Green. Fox has tortured Bay by staying with Green, knowing he was not happy with the relationship.

Michael Bay

The final straw came when Fox returned to work on the set of "Transformers 3" looking anorexic, drawn, without a tan and with too much collagen in her lips that she used to argue with him.

She no longer looked like the Megan Fox that appeared in the two previous installments of the film. Instead of "Transformers" and "Optimus Prime" Bay felt Megan needed Transfats and Prime Rib.

Prop planes from "Transformers 3"

Fox's former costar, Shia LaBeouf, insists he misses Megan, who shot to stardom with him, as a star of "Transformers." Fellow cast member, Tyrese Gibson, stated the same.

"Transformers 3" E4, that's the name of a channel in Britain!

Shia LaBeouf on Megan Fox: "I Really Miss the Girl"

Today 6:14 PM PDT by Gregory Imler - ...But it's easy to forget in all this back-and-forth that other stars have feelings, too, you know. Like Shia LaBeouf: "I love Megan and I miss the girl," the Transformers star tells USA Today. He has hope for the future, though.

"Sam and Mikaela [LaBeouf's and Fox's characters] became one character," he goes on to say, "and here [with the casting of Rosie Huntington-Whitely]...You have discovery again from a new perspective."...