Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shaq Tries To Shutdown Show "Basketball Wives"

Shaq's Wife Violated Confidentiality Agreement On "Basketball Wives"

Shaunie and Shaquille O'Neal

VH-1's new reality show, "Basketball Wives" starring, Shaunie O'Neal, the soon to be ex-wife of, Shaquille O'Neal, is in hot water of a legal variety.

It seems Shaunie signed a very binding confidentiality agreement with estranged husband, Shaq, which prohibits her from discussing their relationship publicly, particularly in a book or on a television program, which is exactly what she has done.

The scandalous "Basketball Wives" has thus far discussed Shaq's adulterous affair with, Laura Govan, the fiancée of fellow NBA basketball player, Gilbert Arenas, while kindly leaving out Shaunie's infidelity. Shaunie reportedly had two boyfriends during the course of their marriage and previously left her deacon husband to marry Shaq.

Shaunie O'Neal on "Basketball Wives"

Shaq had his lawyers send over a legal warning to VH-1 days before the show aired, but they went ahead with the debut without removing references to Shaq that aren't particularly flattering. Shaq is now threatening suit.

The show has a history of legal problems. The program clearly had to change its name from "NBA Wives" to "Basketball Wives" for legal reasons, as it would violate the league's trademark rights.

"Basketball Wives"

One of the show's stars, Royce Reed, was slapped with a gag order from, Dwight Howard, instructing her not to divulge the contents of their past relationship or mention his name or that of their son.