Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Women Speak Out Against Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal

In the April 13, 2010 Judiciary Report article entitled Steven Seagal's Libido Strikes Again, the site cited past complaints by actresses, Jamie Pressly and Kelly LeBrock, as women that complained of Steven Seagal's sexual harassment and abusiveness.

A few days later, Crime Insider unearthed an article featuring actress, Jenny McCarthy, who also stated Seagal sexually harassed her, insisting she take of her dress in his office, after she responded to a movie casting ad he placed in a trade paper for the film "Under Siege" 2. It is also being reported that he previously sexually harassed "Baywatch" star Yasmin Bleeth.

Yasmin Bleeth

Much like he placed an employment ad on the Craig's List website for an executive assistant and now stands accused of forcefully groping and fondling the woman that responded to the advertisement, Kayden Nguyen. Five other past female employees have contacted Nguyen's lawyer and are waiting to testify against Seagal.

Jamie Pressly

The moral of the story is, never respond to an ad by Steven Seagal. Dude will not keep his hands to himself. Say what you want about Kayden Nguyen, but Pressly, LeBrock, McCarthy and Bleeth are more famous than Seagal and they stated he likes to sexually harass and put his hands on women, in an abusive manner, without permission.

Jenny McCarthy

Yes, some women do cry wolf, but some don't and Seagal has had a problem for years in this regard, that people in Hollywood have known about for quite sometime, yet not wanting to disrupt the financial gravy train, none of the studios, in particular his mainstay, Sony, reined him in, knowing sexual assault is a crime.

The misconduct Seagal is accused of by famous women and unknowns alike, goes way beyond a man making crude sexual jokes to the opposite sex. This is unwanted physical contact, sexual abuse and harassment. No one has the right to put their hands or anything else, on another person, against their wishes. Seagal wouldn't like it if he got locked up and a raging homosexual inmate wouldn't stop groping him.

Kayden Nguyen

This is one of the terrible aspects of Hollywood - men in the industry do not like being told no and will get aggressive and even violent in the face of rejection.

Steven Segal and ex-wife Kelly Lebrock

Never mind there are women that will willingly go out with and engage in sexual relations with them, they get mean and abusive with the ones that tell them no, believing themselves to be so special that no woman is to dare reject them.


Steven Seagal's Libido Strikes Again