Monday, November 7, 2016

Leaked Email Reveals Presidential Campaign Chairman Asking Hillary Clinton Staff 'How Bad Is Her Head'

Wikileaks leaked email reveals John Podesta asking of Clinton, "How bad is her head."
It's a closely guarded secret in the Democrat party that the mind of U.S. presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, is just about gone. Clinton has banged her head so many times during multiple falls and concussions that she has repeatedly exhibited the signs of mental impairment to those in her inner circle.

Hillary Clinton's overreaction to fireworks a symptom of Parkinson's
Former political advisor to President Barack Obama and current chairman of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, 67-year-old, John Podesta, asked of Clinton in a now hacked and leaked email, "How bad is her head?" Previously, Clinton's top assistant, Huma Abedin stated in leaked emails that Clinton is often "confused" and "she forgets things." This is due to Clinton's Parkinson's and the onset of dementia accompanying it [Hillary Clinton Parkinson's Confirmed By An Accomplished Neurologist (Video)].