Monday, November 7, 2016

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama And Bernie Sanders Cancel Public Appearances With Embattled Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Over FBI Emailgate Scandal

Even Clinton's Campaign Manager Robby Mook Deleted His Tweets
Hillary Clinton

Something bad is brewing in Washington, DC. There are reports online which state U.S. President, Barack Obama, his wife First Lady, Michelle Obama and Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders have all cancelled public appearances with presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. 

Two weeks ago Michelle Obama was all "Hillary is my girl" this week it's "I don't know you, witch"

Clinton is embroiled in a terrible scandal, as the FBI announced they have reopened the criminal investigation into her mishandling classified information. The FBI gained access to the emails of Clinton's top assistant, Huma Abedin, as well as her husband, Anthony Weiner. They have had the information to for longer than they are stating. However, the line the agency is going with is the FBI Director James Comey just received the investigative files from FBI agents last week. 

Tweet about President Barack Obama regarding Hillary Clinton

The FBI has seized 650,000 emails of Weiner and Abedin that reveal all sorts of criminal conduct, which includes pedophilia (appalling items about sex with a minor and inappropriately communicating with a minor via phone, in relation to the criminal investigation into Weiner that a grand jury is reviewing). Weiner was also in possession of classified files that came from Abedin and Clinton, which is a felony.

A hilarious tweet about Clinton's new FBI woes

I received a tip indicating one of the emails lends credence to the Clinton Kill List, regarding someone who was killed (Clinton Kill List and Clinton Kill List 2). There's a tip about it in one of the emails the FBI has seized. The emails also reveal political corruption and criminal activity, such as fraud.

Huma Abedin crying at news the FBI is reopening the criminal investigation, which now includes emails belonging to her and husband, Anthony Weiner. The FBI's words indicate the emails implicate Hillary Clinton and others. 

The FBI going public regarding reopening the criminal case against Clinton was to send a message, "We don't want a criminal for president." Even corrupt Obama, who was speaking of Clinton in glowing terms, is now stating things in a manner not helpful to her campaign, "My advice to Hillary would be just listen to your conscience and do what you think is right and worry about politics later."


After FBI Announcement, Hillary's Campaign Manager Appears to Have Deleted His Twitter Timeline

Posted: Oct 28, 2016 3:15 PM - Hillary Clinton's campaign manager Robby Mook has apparently deleted his entire Twitter timeline. Previous tweets, of which there were hundreds, are no longer visible on his page just hours after the FBI announced it was looking into newly found emails belonging to the former Secretary of State. Only a single tweet, which was sent two days ago, remains.
When FBI Director James Comey made the announcement about further investigation for Clinton earlier today, the Democrat presidential candidate and her staff were on an airplane without internet access, finding out about the situation upon landing.