Sunday, October 9, 2016

Kids Found In House Full Of Garbage After Parents Overdose Highlighting The Dangers Of Drugs

Jessica Lally and Christopher Dilly

There's a renewed push in the entertainment industry to paint drug use as something enviable and desirable, even as Hollywood stars die under the epidemic. However, real life stories serve as a reminder of the dangers of drugs. Christopher Dilly, 26 and girlfriend Jessica Lally, 25, were found dead in their home full of garbage, after their 7-year-old daughter told the school bus driver she can't wake her parents and they are changing colors.

The drug addicted couple's children were found living in a house full of garbage

The couple had been dead for 2-days from a heroin overdose. When authorities entered the home, they found the drug addicted couple's other three children, ages 5, 3 and 9-months. They also found rooms filled with bags of garbage. The parents drug addiction meant their children were being raised in an unsuitable, unsanitary environment. The government has taken the children and hopefully they will be placed with a great family in a very good home. They will also need therapy after the trauma of their parents passing and living in such unhygienic conditions.

The drug addicted couple's children were found living in a house full of garbage

Drug addicts who are in the grips of addiction, often are unable to care for themselves, let alone anyone else. Drugs damage your health, looks, career, relationships, family and worst of all you can lose your life. I implore people who are struggling with addiction to get into rehab and reclaim their lives. The alternative to not getting sober is tragic.