Saturday, September 10, 2016

Mislabeled Fentanyl Pills Found At Prince’s House After His Death From Overdose Indicates He Did Not Know What He Was Taking

Police investigators have revealed the pills found at the Minneapolis, Minnesota home of pop star Prince, contained the powerful drug Fentanyl, though the label on the bottle stated otherwise. Prince died from an accidental pharmaceutical drug overdose in April. Prince suffered from hip and knee pain due to years of dancing during concerts. Prince thought he was taking pain pills containing hydrocodone and Tylenol (acetaminophen). However, investigators sent the pills to a lab for testing and discovered they contained Fentanyl, which is 50 times more powerful than heroin. 

The question is who switched out Prince’s pain pills. Prince was ingesting something far more serious than he realized. Prince was always a slim man and due to the stomach pains he suffered in the last 3-months of his life, he was missing meals, making him even more susceptible to a pharmaceutical overdose.

Hollywood is running out of material, as it is being run by a crazy cult that bills itself the Illuminati. Every five minutes they are getting sued for copyright infringement, as they have no talent and are actively stealing items from the internet, scouring sites such as You Tube, Twitter and SoundCloud for music by lesser known and unknown artists to steal.

They are determined to maintain a stranglehold on the entertainment industry, though they do not have the talent that artists, songwriters and producers in Hollywood previously did in the early 1980s and prior. This so-called Illuminati will be the death of the music industry in America with the criminally insane madness they are engaging in.

Now its being stated the sale of Prince’s 2,000 unreleased songs and previously released hits such as “Purple Rain” will be forced under court order to pay estate taxes (death taxes). This is what Hollywood wanted all along. The music will sell for less than its true value to Hollywood people who are desperate for new material to make money and prop up their careers, as they are too untalented to write their own in a music industry that is fading away in America.

Many are speculating that someone wanted Prince dead due to his aforementioned vast catalog of music he had just wrestled free, after years of legal wrangling in court with Warner Bros and entities attached to Sony Music. Prince also had 2,000 unreleased songs. Pop singer Michael Jackson was overdosed by his doctor under similar circumstances, while in the midst of a massive legal battle with Sony Music over his half of the Sony ATV music catalog worth billions of dollars. 

Ironically, music legend Sam Cooke, was mysteriously shot in the back and killed, after a woman he did not know was a prostitute kept circling him for sex, then deliberately set him up. She claimed he attacked her. However, he was running away from her once he realized it was a set up, hence being shot in the back. Not long after, the prostitute's pimp who was a part of the Cooke set up, was killed in the same manner in an incident she was also involved in. Cooke had just established his own record and music publishing company, to the anger of Hollywood, who barred blacks from owning their own companies. Many music historians believe Hollywood had Cooke killed for it.

Side Bar: And don’t think Hollywood is above tampering with people’s medication for malicious reasons. A year prior to Prince’s death, I filed a lawsuit against the so-called Hollywood “Illuminati” (Kabbalah Center) run by deranged, thieving pop star, Madonna (who is contractually affiliated with Warner Bros and Sony Music affiliated). Madonna has been sued by many people for stealing copyrights. That’s all she’s done her entire career - steal. None of her career is real. It’s all one big theft.

I have written more songs than any individual in music. This has made me a target of vile, disgusting, depraved Madonna and her cohorts in Hollywood. They even wiretapped me which led to me going to the FBI and Metropolitan Police about the so-called Hollywood “Illuminati” (Kabbalah Center) cult’s behavior, which resulted in the arrest and incarceration of Madonna’s private investigator, Anthony Pellicano (Los Angeles) and the phone hacking scandal breaking in London, England, after I outed Rupert Murdoch, a business associate of Madonna, on the criminal misconduct.

In the lawsuit I mentioned members of Madonna’s deranged “Illuminati” (Kabbalah Center) known as “chevre” who are brainwashed, drug taking, violent people they send to target others, repeatedly broke into my home, in incidents on file with the Miami Shores police department in Florida. During some of the break-ins my allergy medicine was stolen. Here is an excerpt from the March 6, 2015 lawsuit:

"423. Allergy medication was maliciously stolen from the Plaintiff’s home during one of the aforementioned break-ins commissioned by the Defendants. 

424. Plaintiff is allergic to a number of known and potentially unknown allergens, as her medical records attested since childhood to the present. 

425. The theft of the allergy medication, which has very little financial value and no narcotic effect, was conducted out of sheer malice to harm Plaintiff, as it would have left her stranded without allergy medication in the event of a medical emergency."


Investigators found the drug that killed Prince in counterfeit pills in his home — and it's part of a much bigger problem with painkillers
Aug. 22, 2016, 12:25 PM - Fentanyl, the drug that tragically killed musical genius Prince, is an opioid painkiller that's 50 times stronger than pure heroin. The drug is legal and can be prescribed by a doctor for a variety of conditions — most often to treat severe pain. Prince did not have a prescription for any such drugs in the year before he died, according to the Associated Press. 

But while Prince's cause of death was originally listed simply as "self-administered fentanyl," new information from investigators is complicating that picture. On August 21, investigators told the AP that one source of the fentanyl they found in Prince's body may have been fake pain pills which contained fentanyl but were labeled as something else. 

The investigators told the AP they discovered two dozen pills in an Aleve bottle in Prince's home that had been labeled "Watson 385," a stamp used to ID pills that contain a mix of two other pain-relieving medications: hydrocodone (another powerful opioid painkiller) and acetaminophen (the active ingredient in Tylenol). When they tested the pills, at least one came up positive for fentanyl... 

Tests on Prince before his death didn't show any fentanyl in his system, suggesting that he wasn't a long-time fentanyl user and instead probably took the fatal dose sometime in the 24 hours before his death, the AP official said.

Report: Pills in Prince’s Home Were Mislabeled, Contained Fentanyl

Posted 5:02 AM, August 22, 2016, by CNN Wire, Updated at 09:39am, August 22, 2016 - Pills seized inside Prince’s Paisley Park compound by investigators were labeled as hydrocodone but actually contained fentanyl — the drug that killed the singer — according to a source with knowledge of the investigation who revealed the information to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. 

The revelation gives more insight into what may have caused Prince’s overdose. There are two likely possibilities: Either a pharmaceutical manufacturer mislabeled the pills, or the pills were illegally manufactured and obtained illegally. However, according to the Star Tribune, investigators are working under the theory that the pop star did not know the pills contained fentanyl. Prince died on April 21 from an accidental overdose of fentanyl, according to the Medical Examiner. 

If the manufacturer mislabeled the pills, there would have likely been a recall as fentanyl is an extremely potent opioid medication and a controlled substance. It would be a serious health hazard if a batch was mislabeled and given to the public...