Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Crooked Judge Illegally Presided Over And Threw Out Kesha Rape Case Against Dr. Luke Due To Blaring Conflict Of Interest Via Husband Working For Sony Music

Kesha crying in court

Further evidence of criminal corruption in the American justice system has surfaced. The story of Sony Music recording artist, Kesha, who accused her producer, Dr. Luke, of raping her, continues to be discussed online. Kesha recently lost her lawsuit against Sony Music and Dr. Luke, who also has a deal with the company via a subsidiary label. Kesha sought to be released from her Sony Music recording contract due to Dr. Luke's ties to the label. 

The entertainment industry is America is currently being run by a sick cult, who are evil, vile and vindictive. Kesha fears her career and life will suffer at their hands for speaking out about the rape. It is standard practice in Hollywood that people are sexually exploited and passed around. Those who complain and or speak out lose their careers. However, it is rape and sexual assault  (there is also sick pedophilia in the industry as well).

Dr. Luke
The judge who presided over the Kesha lawsuit threw out the case, leaving the singer in tears during the court hearing. It turns out the judge, New York Supreme Court Justice, Shirley Kornreich, is now being slammed and disgraced worldwide for hiding the fact her husband works for Sony Music. Under the judicial cannons, Kornreich was supposed to recuse herself from the case, due to the blatant conflict of interest, as her husband, lawyer Ed Kornreich, works for the law firm, Proskauer Rose, who were retained by Sony Music for huge sums of money. 

By law, Kornreich was supposed to step down and the Kesha case would have automatically been assigned to another judge without a conflict of interest in the matter. However, as Sony Music puts bread on her table, to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars via her husband's law firm, Kornreich obstinately remained on the Kesha case and completely corrupted it. Kornreich kept ruling against Kesha until she was able to finally throw the case out. That is disgusting. It takes a evil person to rule against a rape victim. You should be permanently kicked out of the judiciary and put in prison. You're a disgrace to the U.S. court system.

Robert A. Jacobs
This is the same thing I warned my readers of regarding the bribery and corruption present in the U.S. justice system. I was in a very similar situation to Kesha, regarding a lawsuit I filed against Madonna years ago in Miami, as she had stolen and criminally spread my PREEXISTING Library of Congress copyrights to Sony Music (same defendant as the Kesha rape case) and Warner Bros, who share the same music publishing lawyer, Robert A. Jacobs, at the law firm Manatt ( www.manatt.com/Robert-A-Jacobs). Madonna criminally obtained a copy of my preexisting, unpublished, Library of Congress registered copyrights via commissioned hacking.

Sony Music bribed the judge, Cecilia Altonaga, with stock in Sony Music they quietly passed to her daughter. After I formally requested Altonaga's recusal from the case, via a court motion I filed, she was forced to admit it in writing regarding the Sony stock given to her daughter, which she had hidden. Judge Altonaga also concealed the fact her husband, George Mencio, works for the law firm Holland and Knight, whom Sony Music retained for a significant amount of money. Altonaga knew she never should have been on the case, but obstinately remained and completely corrupted it, violating my legal rights in a life or death matter.

President Barack Obama and Madonna, who has connections to the mafia
Madonna paid people to try to kill me, via attempting to run me over via vehicular assault in Miami. I went public with it via this site and many people read the article. Then, a year later the FBI and DOJ confirmed in the criminal court case of Hillary Clinton and Madonna's private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, that when they can't find any dirt to blackmail a victim into doing what they want such as keeping quite about their crimes, they try to run them over with a vehicle and kill them, then bury them in the desert. 

Hollywood is being run by a depraved, untalented cult with no original ideas. It was and is criminally imperative Madonna, Sony, Warner Bros ect...continue to criminally steal copyrights to illegally make money and saw bribing the judge as a way to continue illegally doing so. When I appealed the case to the Supreme Court, Sony Music and Madonna's co-defendant Warner Bros (the company Madonna works for) passed $700,000 in company stock to Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, resulting in my case being denied. The American Justice system is the most brazen corrupt and disgraceful in the world.  

Shirley Kornreich
All my allegations have since proven true. The FBI was able to lock up Hillary Clinton and Madonna's private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, for 15-years, using documents and spoken testimony I gave them regarding his methods and as it relates to his clients (computer hacking, wiretapping, identity theft, racketeering, threats, bullying, intimidation, assault). The Metropolitan Police in London, England were able to make the phone hacking case that I broke first via my sites, using a police complaint I filed about Madonna's business associate, Rupert Murdoch (News Corp/News International). 

That all emanated from the civil case I filed in Miami and went public with that was completely corrupted in the U.S. court system. However, the public was able to see the truth, then the criminal convictions in two countries further proved my claims as well. The Kesha case, as well as my own regarding Sony Music et al, will be included in my documentary "American Justice System Corruption" which will be released December 2016.

Ed Kornreich
Congress can continue to sit on its collective butt and let the crazies meddle in the government/court system rigging cases and see if it doesn't create an unprecedented collapse. This disgusting corruption that is going to lead to an unmitigated disaster. You’re going to see a number of Americans forgoing the corrupt court system in favor of private arbitration services. As a result their will be layoffs in the court system. You will see fewer and fewer people petitioning the Supreme Court, rendering it an antiquated model. 

You’re going to see the international community removing American judges/jurists from global forums (there‘s already talk of it in the international community). You’re going to see Sony collapse. You're going to see America experience an unprecedented collapse. And world history will record that Congress fell asleep at the wheel and let it happen. I have a history of being right. I was certainly right about the U.S. economy predicting the 2008 financial crisis first and other problems that arose. The crazies are going to destroy America.


Sleeping with the enemy? Judge who tossed out Kesha's case against Sony married to partner at law firm that REPRESENTS the music company
Published: 10:26 EST, 25 August 2016 | Updated: 13:54 EST, 25 August 2016 - The judge who declined to grant Kesha a injunction that would terminate her contract with Sony this past February and two months later dismissed the singer's civil suit against her producer is married to a man who is a partner in the law firm that represents that music company. 

Page Six reports that New York Supreme Court Justice Shirley Kornreich is married to Ed Kornreich, who has been an attorney at the firm Proskauer Rose for over 20 years. Proskauer Rose has represented Sony in a number of high profile cases over the years.  'There seems to be a strong conflict of interest,' said one source inside the music industry. 

What's more, it was also lawyers from Proskauer Rose who represented Kesha herself back in 2011 when she and Dr. Luke were being sued for breach of contract by her former managers. Sony did not respond to a request for comment. The judge who declined to grant Kesha (above in April) an injunction against Sony is married to a partner in a law firm the represents that music company.    

Court documents seen exclusively by Daily Mail Online, filed in October 2014, chronicles a decade of abuse and exploitation so complete that it left Kesha 'broken, damaged and traumatized.' She 'lived in a prison of abuse, suffering a psychological and physical fallout so severe as to be described as 'life-threatening', requiring her to check into rehab. 

She broke down in court after hearing the judge's ruling on Friday before sending out a message to her fans thanking them for the outpouring of support.

It was Justice Kornreich who also dismissed Kesha's civil suit against her producer Dr. Luke (above in 2014) in April after she accused him of sexual assault.