Monday, July 25, 2016

Conservative Reviewer Milo Permanently Banned From Twitter Over Online Fight With Actress Leslie Jones But Was He At Fault Regarding Ghostbusters Film Insults

Milo Yiannopoulos
Openly gay, 32-year-old conservative reviewer Milo Yiannopoulos of, has been permanently banned from the social networking site Twitter, over stirring up racial hatred against actress, Leslie Jones, aged 48. Milo negatively reviewed the reboot of the film "Ghostbusters." Then he took to Twitter slamming tweets he stated belonged to "Ghostbusters" actress Jones, which she denied. 

Ghostbusters reboot cast
Someone posted comments in her name using the word "f*g" in reference to Milo, who had made a series of scathing tweets, with one in particular mentioning race, "You know you can stop playing that terrible, hammy 80s black caricature now, right? Filming's over!" Milo did not have to refer to Jones by her race in this manner. It was offensive. 

Milo's offensive tweet mentioning Leslie's race in a negative manner
Milo could have stated he is tired of Leslie using the same nuisances for all her roles (there are actors and actresses of all colors who do that, which indicates they need to expand their range as performers). I don't think Leslie is a bad actress. On screen she's sarcastic and specializes in irony and dry humor. Some may not check for that brand of humor, but some do. 

Leslie's tweets complaining about fake posts done in her name

Leslie stated the tweet above posted in her name is fake
Milo could have stated he did not think she is a great actress or not in that realm, but when he brought race into it, things took on a racial tone. He brought race into the matter and riled up people who began tweeting horrendously racist items at Jones, which caused her to leave the site in distress. This abuse is a violation of Twitter's terms of service and grounds for Milo being banned. Additionally, Milo has engaged in similar conduct before, which led to Twitter issuing him a warning that he clearly ignored.  

Twitter sends Milo message banning him
I'm a black person and from the clips I've seen, I do think the new "Ghostbusters" film looks like a very poor imitation of the original. When I read about the remake over a year ago, I knew it would be bad and told my mother that based on the concept for the reboot and the selected cast, the film would not turn out well. I've read reviews of the film and black and white people have openly panned it. The film has not done very well. So, I'm not surprised. Hollywood, desperate for cash and out of ideas due to the untalented people now running the industry like a cult, has been rebooting many movies and destroying film classics in the process. 

Leslie Jones
At the end of the day, look at people for their work, not their race. I've watched thousands of movies since I was a kid and seen inspiring performances by people of all races. A good movie is a good movie.