Sunday, May 8, 2016

Donald Trump Says He Loves Hispanics While Eating A Grande Taco Bowl In Trying To Get Votes In The Presidential Election

Donald Trump patronizingly eating a taco
Do you guys hear that loud kissing noise. It's the sound of Donald Trump kissing Spanish people's butts, as he wants their vote in order to win the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. Trump received the most votes in the Republican primaries and is the presumptive candidate. Finally realizing he has offended a major voting group, Trump busted out a taco that is ironically the same shade of orange as his spray tan, in an effort to woo the Hispanic vote.

Why is he orange. White people don't come in that shade. Nobody comes in that shade. The skin around his eyes are a natural white shade that looks normal. However, it is clear he is using orange face paint on the rest of his face. He'd look better without the orange spray.

Trump terribly insulted Mexicans (among others) which created a horrible and deserved backlash against him, for defamatorily labeling hardworking immigrants from Mexico rapists and murderers. Considering Trump has established ties to the mafia in New York, who like throwing people in cement and rivers as a means of killing them, his statements were hypocritical.