Thursday, March 10, 2016

Chris Brown Sued Over Violence At Concert In California

Chris Brown

R&B singer, Chris Brown, has been sued by partygoer, Paul Briley, over a shooting that occurred in January 2015 at San Jose's "Capricorn Bash" concert in California at the Fiesta night club. Briley sued Brown after sustaining permanent injuries, as assailants opened fire, with Brown as the primary target. Brown escaped injury. However, five partygoers were left with bullet wounds. Briley's lawsuit is based on his injures and names Brown as the cause of the shooting, stating the star repeatedly attracts violence. Club performances and parties Brown performed at or attended in another capacity, experienced incidents of violence.

Brown's attorney has filed a "motion to dismiss" the lawsuit, contending the event was not Brown's party (he was the host). However, it was advertised as such, making Brown and the venue legally liable. Inadequate security at the concert venue coupled with violent assailants, made for a disaster that could have resulted in fatalities. Thankfully all injured concertgoers survived. Under the law, they are entitled to compensation in court for their injuries.