Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Obama's FBI Is Engaging In A Vicious Criminal Pattern Of Abuse And Brutalization Against Innocent Jamaicans

…And Other Immigrant Minorities 

New FBI Director James Comey, U.S. President Barack Obama and former FBI Director, Robert S. Mueller
 The Judiciary Report has written and published many exclusives on this site that later proved true, confirmed by mainstream events and articles. Among them are: New Scandal Erupts Regarding The FBI And Justice Department Monitoring Calls Of AP Reporters Confirming Previous Site Claims and It Has Been Confirmed The U.S. Government Is Spying On Scientists And Doctors In Violation Of The Constitution (Confirming Previous Site Claims) and NSA Admits Employees Illegally Spied On Love Interests And Significant Others Confirming Site’s Previous Claims and NSA Workers Admit To Reading The Emails And Listening To The Calls Of Americans In Violation Of The Law (Confirming Previous Site Claims) and Judge Rules The NSA Illegally Spied On Americans Confirming The Site's Previous Claims (Video).

An item was published online this month on another site revealing the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been threatening Muslims in America, who have not broken the law, telling them if they do not spy for the FBI, they will be deported (see article below in the STORY SOURCE section). This a disgraceful criminal abuse of the system. Previously, on April 25, 2012, the Judiciary Report published a similar article Report: The FBI Has Been Beating, Torturing And Threatening To Kill American Citizens If They Will Not Become Snitches (Informants).

I can also confirm this is a sick criminal pattern of abuse by the FBI. I was interviewed by the FBI twice in November 2005, regarding a formal complaint I filed regarding degenerate pop singer, Madonna, her Kabbalah Center cult and others in Hollywood, engaging in commissioned acts of illegal wiretapping, computer and email hacking, criminal copyright infringement, racketeering, assault and death threats, via private investigator Anthony Pellicano. Madonna’s main private investigator at the time was Anthony Pellicano, a member of the Italian-American mafia (the Colombo family). Madonna also has other ties to the Italian-American mafia and has engaged in money laundering for them.

The FBI asked for and received documents from me regarding the case, as well as my accurate account of what Madonna, Pellicano and others in Hollywood illegally engaged in against innocent people. 4-months later the FBI arrested Pellicano, he was tried and convicted on charges of illegal wiretapping, computer hacking, identity theft and racketeering.

However, following the FBI’s questionable, longstanding policy of not arresting famous people, the celebrities in Hollywood who knowingly paid for and received illegal wiretap transcripts and audio tapes, hacked computer contents and other perverse surveillance data from Pellicano, were not arrested in a decision that is unquestionably corrupt and disgraceful. These celebrities were also not arrested for hiring Pellicano to physically attack innocent people they insanely deemed rivals and enemies.

Madonna issued a bribe at the FBI, who then began to look the other way as she and her cohorts in Hollywood criminally stole massive amounts of my preexisting copyrights. The FBI are quite partial to bribes: FBI Agent Arrested For Accepting A $200,000 Bribe To Derail A Criminal Case The FBI Was Supposed To Be Investigating and Another FBI Agent Caught Taking Bribes To Derail Serious Cases (Video).

The head of the FBI at the time the case began was racist Robert Mueller, who repeatedly targeted and discriminated against minorities, many of whom filed lawsuits against him and the agency. Some minorities left the FBI due to Mueller's corrupt, racist policies (The FBI And Racism and The FBI Sued By Former Agent For Racism). Mueller is a white supremacist who never should have been given the job (he was appointed by former President and warlord George W. Bush). The current head of the FBI, James Comey, is Mueller’s pupil, who has maintained a senior post at the agency throughout the sick human rights abuses.

My Copyrighted Catalog is worth billions of dollars and the U.S. government began supporting the criminal thefts of my preexisting, Library of Congress registered catalog of works that took me over 25-years to author. My Copyrighted Catalog contains over 15,000 songs, 1000 movie scripts, movie treatments and short stories, 30 book manuscripts, 300 music video treatments, 500 photographs, 100 photo treatments, perfume, clothing lines, nano-technology, a solar cell phone, car line and thousands of other items.
In support of the FBI and Madonna/Kabbalah's unlawful, vile, thieving conduct, they began contacting my Jamaican family and friends in America and Britain, demanding they engage in acts of abuse against me, in criminal attempts at forcing me to relinquish all rights to my copyrights that trash in Hollywood had begun stealing (they've also been demanding I turn over newer copyrights I have authored and hidden). The FBI are still using the notorious COINTELPRO program the world has condemned. The FBI and Madonna/Kabbalah even threatened to destroy their children's lives if they did not comply with the sick requests against me.

My Jamaican family and friends who opposed the sick requests were criminally threatened and brutalized by the FBI and Madonna/Kabbalah. All of a sudden, all my Jamaican friends began getting fired from their jobs that they’d had for many years. Law abiding Jamaican immigrants who worked and paid their taxes to the U.S. Treasury for many years, were all fired from different jobs at different companies under mysterious circumstances. Cases that went to employment tribunals found they had done nothing wrong to be fired. The FBI and Madonna/Kabbalah was behind the whole thing, demanding employers fire them, in acts that criminally violated the Civil Rights Act and constitutes hate crimes.

Honest, hard working people, who came to America as immigrants decades ago and worked hard to support their families, began experiencing a sick wave of criminal abuse from the FBI and and Madonna/Kabbalah when they had done nothing wrong. Hard working people with mortgages and utility bills to pay, who need to put food on their families' tables, were unjustly fired due to the FBI and and Madonna/Kabbalah's sick harassment campaign targeting Jamaicans. What an evil, ugly face to show the immigrant community. And make no mistake, Obama knows and approves of this terrible criminal misconduct by his federal agencies. He has sanctioned it.

In a 2007 complaint I described how I was nearly killed when someone deliberately tried to run over me with a car in Miami, Florida. A year after I copyrighted and published the aforementioned article, U.S. prosecutors revealed during the Anthony Pellicano criminal trial that one of the disgraced private investigator’s sick methods of abuse on behalf of deranged Hollywood stars, was to hire thugs to run over innocent people celebrities paid him to target (Hollywood Wiretap And Harassment Trial Reveals Pattern Of Abusing Innocent People). It confirmed my previous claims that someone tried to deliberately run me over and that it is connected to Madonna and the Kabbalah Center’s criminal conduct in hiring people to criminally rob, harass, threaten and assault others. They tried to run me over two more times after the 2007 incident (in 2008 and another in 2015).

Here’s where it particularly gets nasty. One of my friends that the FBI and the Madonna/Kabbalah began harassing, demanding she state abusive things to me, in demanding she and others order me to cooperate with the criminal thefts of my copyrights by Hollywood, experienced an incident where someone in Miami driving a car knocked her son off his bike on the sidewalk. This was similar to what happened to me previously in Miami, Florida (however, I was walking on those occasions and got out of the way in time during each incident).

My friend received a call from emergency services and heard her son screaming in agony in the background. Someone in a car knocked him off his bike and in doing so broke his leg in a terrible way. It ended his budding track and field career. He now has a metal rod in his leg. This decent young man, studying at university, was subjected to something so evil via the aforementioned gruesome incident. It also reminded me of another incident where Madonna’s private investigator, Pellicano, paid thugs to run over a journalist/filmmaker, Rod Lurie, in Los Angeles, who was riding his bike, because they did not like lawful, truthful items he had written about them. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Hollywood, a den of dirty thieves and animals.

Another friend's son was mysteriously arrested for drunk driving in Florida and he wasn't even drunk. The case was so fake and trumped up the cop didn't even show up to court to explain or answer for the false arrest of an intelligent, decent young man with a master's degree, who had never been in trouble. The case cost his and my mom money. Prior to it happening, his mom had called me on two occasions crying and worried, due to the unlawful threats and harassment pouring from the corrupt FBI and Madonna/Kabbalah.


The sick conduct didn’t stop there. Hollywood and the FBI, with the help of the CIA who specializes in international matters (and according to the Associated Press breaks international law 100,000 times per year) illegally spread the criminal acts to Britain. In 2012 while staying with a relative in London, England, after I had gone out for the day, I returned to her home to find my physically unwell, elderly family member looking quite shaken and distressed. She told me a man had come to her house and he was a government agent.

She could have had a heart attack and died due to what the U.S. government did and it is despicable. They are a bunch of foul, low class, inbred trash to be targeting a little retired, sick old lady in her 80s struggling with a serious physical ailment. They are scum and an absolute embarrassment and disgrace to the United States government. 

I found out that the FBI, in tandem with the CIA, who acts on international matters, criminally went into Britain and began approaching people I am related to and others I know, demanding they assist them in stealing my preexisting copyrighted catalog of works, valued at billions of dollars. They began demanding they state certain abusive things to me or they would destroy their lives and that of their children.

What was the U.S. government doing operating in Britain, terrorizing Jamaican-British citizens? The U.S. government had and have no right to be there in said criminal capacity. Yet, when the U.S. government gets slapped with the frequently used international tag of imperialists, they get upset and wonder why. Furthermore, why is the U.S. government also illegally wiretapping people and companies in Jamaica and Britain for undue financial gain, engaging in criminal acts of intellectual property theft and corporate theft in support of corporate America. I've seen this with my own eyes and written about it (May 20, 2009 article "Spying To Steal") and former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden, later confirmed it (Edward Snowden: NSA Conducts Economic Spying).

The U.S. Congress, clearly needs to answer some serious questions regarding why the ugly, foul, vile Frankenstein agencies they have created in the FBI and CIA, are wasting American taxpayer money and criminally violating domestic and international law brutalizing Christian Jamaicans in America and abroad. I cannot begin to tell you how ugly and disgusting it looks. They are a horrible reflection of the U.S. government. What kind of animals and savages brutalize young and also physically unwell, old Jamaican people in America and foreign nations, in support of an illegal theft initiative aimed at stealing copyrights and patents, for undue and criminal enrichment, in acts universally condemned by law (that they are insidiously breaking). What breed of racism, hatred and absolute malice is that. They are the most evil people in existence.

People work hard all their lives, pay their taxes and provide for their families, only to have evil, despicable, subhuman scum representing two lawbreaking federal agencies on their doorstep, demanding they engage in illegal, abusive acts against an innocent relative and friend.

Given the nasty history of slavery, as it pertains to Jamaica and other nations, such as Africa, regarding blacks being forced to work for free, abused in many horrible ways and sometimes nearly killed or killed, the U.S. government is wrong to be engaging in such abhorrent conduct in modern times, in support of lazy, degenerate, hateful stars in Hollywood, who have been sued so many times by so many people from America and all over the world for stealing valuable copyrights.

It is a nasty and ugly throwback to behavior from slavery times. I have authored a fortune in copyrights and not seen any money or credit from it, as it is been criminally stolen by Hollywood and the U.S. government, who is backing this sick initiative. How can black people be asked to move on from slavery days, when you're still engaging in it.

The times I have tried to leave America, the U.S. government in tandem with Madonna/Kabbalah, criminally stole large amounts of my money and property in unlawful, fraudulent ways, in trying to bar me from escaping the horrible human rights abuses and to save face. They have twice gone into Britain and confronted me (in 2012 and 2015) abusively and threateningly demanding I return to America at once, like they were there to retrieve a runaway slave, as if their human property had escaped. Once again, it is a nasty throwback to slavery on their part. I’ve already been called “slave” and “nigger” by members of  Madonna's Kabbalah Center. Another nasty throwback to slavery.

The U.S. government has been criminally targeting Jamaicans in America and Britain in this highly illegal initiative rooted in racism, hatred and malice towards blacks. The FBI is also illegally wiretapping Jamaicans in America, Jamaica and Britain, to engage in intellectual property theft, in support of Hollywood and corporate America, as mentioned above.

Under American law, when you target a group of people in this manner, it is a hate crime. The FBI is committing hate crimes against minorities in America.

I am writing about this subject because it is sick, disgusting and evil…and they refuse to stop this savage conduct. They are psychotic and laboring under serious levels of mental derangement. The U.S. government is viciously and hatefully abusing innocent immigrants in America and the international community, where they have no mandate. What kind of face is this for the U.S. government to show the immigrant community. What kind of face is this for the U.S. government to show the world.

I have been diligently working on forthcoming pharmaceutical patents regarding cancer and AIDS that will greatly benefit disease sufferers. Cancer and AIDS are two subjects I have written exclusives articles on that later proved true. However, to keep the illegal money train rolling, Hollywood, with the full backing, support and assistance of the U.S. government, has repeatedly engaged in unlawful conduct via stealing money and property belonging to me, in attempts at blocking the release of the drug patents.

They are doing their level best to delay my scientific patents that could have helped millions of sick people already. Through fraud they have stolen two homes from me and over $250,000 for fear I would liquidate my assets to put out the patents (which was what I was trying to do) in what they deem would bring an end to their acts of criminal copyright infringement that has netted Hollywood billions in undue profits and many undeserved awards. Hollywood and the U.S. government made that foul and disgusting decision for disease sufferers all over the world.

There are many talented people in America capable of writing songs, movies and television shows. There was no necessity for Hollywood, with the backing of the U.S. government, to resort to such evil and appalling conduct. They are engaging in deplorable human rights abuses that willfully break domestic and international law in what is the sickest thing I have ever seen. However, I have come to the conclusion, this is just who and what they are - pure evil.

What kind of sub-human scum do such things. Then again, I am expecting far too much in the way of legality, civility and decency from a law enforcement agency, the FBI, who saw it fit to become the world’s biggest distributor of child porn (Human Rights Activists Slam The FBI After It Is Discovered They Became The World's Top Distributor Of Child Porn). They are mentally deranged and a threat to the health and safety of America and the world. 

I have written about this matter not to stir anger or violence (keep the peace), but because it needs to be exposed. Innocent immigrants are being brutalized in America and other nations by the U.S. government (and Hollywood), in sick human rights abuses that are contemptible and condemnable. They are not to be trusted.  


FBI to Muslim Immigrants: Snoop for Us or Get Deported

Jan. 29, 2016 11:50 am - The need for information about possible internal threats creates some predictably twisted incentives. They've sure got some strange names over there in the Congo.Those who have followed the frustrating stories about the secretive operations of the federally controlled "no-fly" lists may have read about the accusations that some individuals who were on the list were told they would be removed if they served the government as informants.

Those who followed the scandal over the New York Police Department secretly snooping on Muslim schools and mosques (not just in New York but in New Jersey) may also have read about their reliance on paid informants who sometimes tried to actually bait people into saying inflammatory things. And those who have closely followed cases where the FBi has busted up potential terror plots here within the United States have noticed that these often seem to be rather not-very-smart (or even mentally troubled) individuals who were being fed plans, ideas, and even being provided fake bombs and weapons by undercover FBI agents.

The post–September 11 need to track down potential terrorist threats within the United States has created incentives where the determinant of "success" is that terror plots are actually stopped. This has created some pretty twisted mentalities among officials to find those successes even if they aren't out there (and can cause them to miss the ones that actually are). And the victims of these twisted incentives can be anybody a federal official thinks might possibly be able to help them find these plots, even if these people don't know any (or if there aren't even any plots). It is dangerous to be the reason why a government official can't sit in front of a congressional hearing to say that their agency has stopped X terrorist attacks on U.S. soil.

As such, BuzzFeed reporters Talal Ansari and Siraj Datoo have a new lengthy investigation that shows how the FBI is interfering and threatening the immigration efforts of Muslims who want to remain as residents in the United States unless they serve as informants. If they don't have any useful information, the message is clear: They better go find some.

When he got the last call to come meet with the FBI agents, A.M. allowed himself an uncharacteristic bit of optimism. An immigrant from Pakistan, he had spent the last seven years trying to get a green card, a process that had so far included a series of interviews, three encounters with the FBI, and unexplained bureaucratic delays. Maybe this meeting would bring some resolution?

But when the 37-year-old software programmer arrived at the Homeland Security offices in Dallas that day in August 2014, the conversation quickly swerved. One of the two agents placed a piece of paper on the table and told him to write down the names of all the people he knew who he thought were terrorists. Bewildered, he said he didn't know any terrorists. He said he didn't know about any suspicious activity at all. "We think you do," the agents replied.

A.M. was quickly becoming alarmed. (Like almost all other immigrants interviewed for this story, he said he did not feel safe allowing his name to be published. A.M. are his initials.) He was a family man, with a highly skilled 9-to-5 job. He had lived in America for nearly two decades. He went to college in America. Why would the FBI see him as a link to terrorism? And weren't they supposed to be discussing his green card application?

As it turned out, that's precisely what they were discussing. "We know about your immigration problems," he recalls one of the agents telling him. "And we can help you with that." If, they said, he agreed to start making secret reports on his community, his friends, even his family.

The FBI is not supposed to be doing this, BuzzFeed notes. Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales forbid the practice of FBI agents offering immigration assistance in exchange for cooperation, and those policies are still officially in place. But in practice, immigration officials are dragging their feet on green cards, and then FBI is swooping in and using the situation to browbeat people into becoming informants.

A.M. kept insisting that he didn't know anybody. They wanted him to wear a wire, go to his mosque, and try to get folks to talk about jihad. He refused. His work visa was revoked. He and his family were kicked out of the country after living here for 17 years.

Read more about his case and others here at BuzzFeed. Former FBI agent Michael German told BuzzFeed that this outcome is a result of the push for agents to develop any Muslim sources they could get their hands on: "Rather than use all their energy to focus on the very small number of terrorists, they try to find anybody that they have a lever over to compel them to be an informants." And they don't seem to care what happens to them if they prove to not be useful.