Saturday, January 30, 2016

Human Rights Activists Slam The FBI After It Is Discovered They Became The World's Top Distributor Of Child Porn


The Judiciary Report has stated in past columns that something is very wrong at the FBI. They have engaged in a trail of very mentally ill behavior that has sickened and appalled many, especially those who know the details of the misconduct. The latest scandal is no different and has many people alarmed about the FBI's illegal tactics.

The FBI uploaded a ton of child porn to the internet in an attempt to catch pedophiles. The FBI became the "world's largest distributor of child sex abuse imagery." This gross misconduct further abused victims of child porn depicted in the videos and images that pedophiles have saved to their computers and passed on to others online and offline. The FBI propagated images of child porn and once you upload something online it never truly leaves the internet.

Famous civil rights attorney stated, "There is something tawdry and sick about FBI agents peddling porn.” Certainly there are better ways of catching pedophiles in a manner that does not victimize children all over again. This is sick. As the Judiciary Report has repeatedly stated in past columns, you cannot break the law to uphold it.


How the FBI became the world’s largest distributor of child sex abuse imagery

1d ago in Insider - For 12 days between February and March, 2014, the FBI was the world’s largest peddler of images and video depicting child sexual abuse on the internet. In an attempt to catch criminals uploading, viewing, sharing and downloading these files, the US government authorized members of the FBI to run an operation — ‘Operation Pacifier’ — of dubious legality to catch pedophiles visiting Playpen, the world’s largest child sexual abuse site.

“There is something tawdry and sick about FBI agents peddling porn,” says famed civil rights trial attorney Norm Pattis. In speaking with attorneys about Operation Pacifier, I heard words like: “shocking,” “disgusting,” and “vile”; they weren’t talking about the pedophiles. Playpen launched in August of 2014 as a dark web site only accessible by ‘The Onion Router’, commonly known as TOR. Through use of TOR, users are able to access the Deep Web while routing web traffic around the world in an attempt to anonymize their browsing.

It’s not foolproof, but it’s the best weapon a Web user has to remain anonymous online. And anonymity, when peeking into the darkest corners of the web, is paramount. Due to the nature of the site in question, I didn’t want to dig too far, but from FBI testimony on the topic, it contained files — mainly images and video — of some of the most extreme child abuse imagery one could imagine as well as advice on how sexual abusers could perpetrate their crimes without being caught. For all intents and purposes, Playpen was amongst the darkest of the dark corners of the web.