Saturday, January 30, 2016

Flint, Michigan Residents Paying $200 Per Month For Lead Polluted Toxic Drinking Water

Instagram post about Flint, Michigan water crisis (Courtesy of Industry On Blast blog)

Imagine you were being forced to drink suspiciously brown colored water every day that bears a foul smell. Imagine you had to bathe in it daily as well for years. Imagine you were charged $300 per month for this offensive, toxic water and if you didn't like it, you were forced to shell out hundreds of dollars per month in bottled water.

Well, that's what the 99,000 low income residents of Flint, Michigan have endured since 2011. They've been forced to pay for poison water that has killed some residents in Flint, while making others quite ill. Despite their protests, nothing has been done. Recent bad publicity is forcing the government's hand in addressing the problem.

However, cancer rates are going to soar in Flint, Michigan. In ingesting the lead polluted water, where other toxins are also present as contaminants, particles attach to the cells damage the cellular structure (of the human body).