Friday, January 15, 2016

Draya's Discord With Ex-Boyfriend Orlando Scandrick Placing Their Unborn Baby At Risk Of Fetal Distress After He Dumps Her And Deletes Her Pics From His Instagram Account

Scandrick Deletes Draya's Pictures From His Instagram Account And Is Having Sex With Other Women


"Basketball Wives L.A." star Draya is openly slamming her ex-fiancé, millionaire football player, Orlando Scandrick. Draya, was hit with a restraining order in April 2015, for destroying items in his home, throwing his clothes into the pool, spraying mace in his eyes and threatening to pour bleach in them as well, which could have blinded him. Just because one is a woman, it does not give one the right to violently attack a man. It is still wrong. If a man had done those things to Draya, he would be arrested on felony domestic violence charges.

A judge issued a restraining order against Draya, ordering her out of Scandrick's mansion and to stay 100 yards away from the Dallas Cowboys football star. However, not long after the judge's decree, Draya violated the restraining order. Draya seduced Scandrick months later and became pregnant with his child that she is due to deliver shortly. Draya tried to trap Scandrick into marriage, believing an unplanned pregnancy would make him propose again and go through with the wedding, after having called their engagement off a year prior. However, it did not work at all.

Orlando Scandrick and Draya Michele

Now Draya, who is several months pregnant, is angrily posting items on Instagram about Scandrick cheating on her with other women. Draya's words indicate she is very upset and angry that Scandrick is seeing other women. This is not good for their unborn child, as it will create fetal distress. It was not a good idea getting yourself into this situation with a man who has shown he felt pressured into proposing, then called the whole thing off.

As the Judiciary Report wrote in the past, it is not wise to attempt to trap a man with a baby, via an unplanned pregnancy. That has gone wrong for many people, leaving them, their offspring and the child's father who did not know he was being trapped into siring a child, devastated and heartbroken. Some women do so wanting to get a man's money, determined that no other woman should get it. Some women trap a man with pregnancy, under the misguided belief it will make him love them, which it will not. Some are devastated when the man asks them to abort the unplanned pregnancy.


Draya says she gave back the ring, but Scandrick stated he called off the engagement

Some men get resentful in such circumstances and women's hearts get crushed when the man in question either does not pay child support and or barely spend time with the child. When he goes off and marries someone else, willingly fathering children with another woman, the woman that previously trapped him into pregnancy is devastated.

At the end of the day, don't be deceitful with people. Make sure you are on the same page. Do not trap someone with an unplanned pregnancy. As someone who for years has seen so many behind the scenes stories in the entertainment and sports industries and heard firsthand accounts from people, trying to trap a man with pregnancy can go horribly wrong. Many women have done it and regretted it, as it went wrong in some manner or another.